How big do Burmese Star tortoises get?

How big do Burmese Star tortoises get?

The Burmese star tortoise is a striking medium-sized land tortoise with an oval-shaped carapace (top shell). Females are larger than males, with carapaces reaching at least 30cm (11.8 in).

What does the Burmese star tortoise eat?

Coarse leaves, dark greens, weeds and mixed grasses as well as succulents should constitute the bulk of the star tortoise’s diet. Burmese Star tortoises seem to have a preference for broad leaf weeds compared to grass. It is very important to give your tortoise a diverse diet.

What is the habitat of a star tortoise?

Indian Star Tortoise Habitat The Indian star tortoise’s primary habitats are forests, shrublands and grasslands. Their range extends throughout most of India except for Lower Bengal and west to the Sindh province of Pakistan through to Sri Lanka. Their habitats are mostly found in semi-arid and arid regions.

How much does a Burmese star tortoise weigh?

Interestingly, male Indian Star Tortoises for sale are usually 5-8 inches long. Females are the larger of the species getting 4-5″ larger than males. Indian Star tortoise female tortoises weigh over 1200 grams at maturity while males weigh in the area of 500-600 grams.

How long do Burmese Star tortoises live?

Geochelone platynota are like most tortoise species, considered to be long lived. The average Burmese Star tortoise for sale captively bred, should live anywhere from 50-100 years.

Can you own a star tortoise?

Star tortoises are long-lived pets that require a long-term commitment. Depending on when you get your pet and its age, it may outlive you. Some pet owners make arrangements for their pet tortoises in their wills. If you are set on an Indian star tortoise, your best source will be a reputable breeder.

Is banana good for star tortoise?

Indian star tortoises (Geochelone elegans) require a high-fiber diet rich in calcium. Fruits: Approximately 5 percent of the diet may include fruits, such as tomatoes, apple, papaya, melon, mango and banana. …

How do I keep my star tortoise healthy?

and various prepared tortoise diets available online and in pet stores. Indian star tortoises will graze and feed on a variety of grasses and vegetation. A high-fiber diet rich in calcium is required. The tortoises in my outdoor pens have grass to graze on, which is supplemented with carrots, Opuntia cactus and greens.

Do star turtles get periods?

They may be found on sand dunes, in scrub forests, humid jungles and in human-altered habitats. The one common factor is that in each area they experience a very dry season and a wet season. The dry season is during winter or cool periods, and the wet season happens during the warmest part of the year.

Do Star tortoises have periods?

How long does a Burmese star tortoise live?

Geochelone platynota are like most tortoise species, considered to be long lived. The average Burmese Star tortoise for sale captively bred, should live anywhere from 50-100 years. Long-lived when well cared for, this is an incredibly hardy species.

What kind of habitat does Burmese star tortoise live in?

The habitat of the Burmese Star Tortoise ranges from thorn scrub to pastures to dry deciduous forests. The main threats of the existence of the Burmese Star Tortoise is that is eaten by the local Myanmar people as well as exported to China as a delicacy.

Is the Burmese star tortoise still being eaten?

The Burmese Star Tortoise is considered critically endangered by the IUCN. However it is still commonly eaten and is exported to food markets in neighbouring China.

Which is the most beautiful tortoise in the world?

However, all Burmese stars are something to see regardless of the abundance or “width” of the star/petal pattern on the shell. One of the most beautiful tortoises in the world, the Burmese star is a gorgeous animal. Bright yellow bands over a deep black shell, and even bright yellow arms, legs and head.

Which is the easiest star tortoise to care for?

Burmese Stars are probably the easiest to care for of all the star tortoise species. Until recently, there was very little information concerning Burmse Star tortoise lifespan, partly due to the species’ lack of experience in human care.