How do I connect my Polycom SoundStation 2 to my phone?

How do I connect my Polycom SoundStation 2 to my phone?

Connecting the SoundStation2 to a mobile phone such as an Apple Iphone: you simply need an Polycom 3.5mm Smartphone cable from Polycom. Attached the cable to the Polycom Soundstation2 or Soundstation2W, your mobile phone is now the source for your communication if no landline is available.

How does Polycom SoundStation work?

A conference phone is usually placed in the middle of the room in which the conference call participants are located. The Polycom SoundStation is a conference phone for medium-sized rooms. The Polycom HD Voice technology ensures that all voices are captured and reproduced in very high quality.

Can Polycom connect to iPhone?

Use your iPad or iPhone to connect and collaborate face to face with colleagues, partners, customers, students, and patients—anyone, anywhere. Polycom RealPresence Mobile, powered by Polycom’s collaboration infrastructure, extends video collaboration benefits beyond the office and conference room.

How do I connect my Polycom to my computer?

Connect Your Polycom Phone

  1. Locate the LAN and PC ethernet ports on the bottom of the phone.
  2. Connect the ethernet cable for your network into the LAN port.
  3. Connect an ethernet cable from your computer or laptop dock/port replicator to PC port, if applicable.
  4. Complete the setup process:

How do you get a Polycom phone to work?

How does a Polycom SoundStation conference phone work?

The SoundStation ensures high sound quality with three microphones and a digitally tuned speaker for 360-degree coverage of an office or conference room. Polycom’s Acoustic Clarity Technology uses digital signal processing with analog telephone lines to eliminate the clipping and fading that plague most speakerphones.

What kind of phone is soundstation2 Avaya compatible with?

SoundStation2 Avaya is compatible with any DEFINITY digital voice port that supports the 6400, 7400 or 8400 series phones (with the exception of the CallMaster series.) Connection Requirement: Requires standard DEFINITY wall jack. RJ45/ RJ11 adapter cables are included for your convenience. System Compatibility 1.

How to install a Definity telephone on Avaya?

You have the option to install a DEFINITY series telephone along with your SoundStation2 Avaya: 1. Plug the DEFINITY Telephone cable into the jack on the Interface Module indicated by the telephone icon . ► If the connector does not fit you will need one of the optional cables as a replacement for your phone cable.