How do I know if my Paslode battery is bad?

How do I know if my Paslode battery is bad?

If the battery is damaged, the red indicator light on charger does not flash when you try to charge the battery. If the battery isn’t accepting a charge when you mount it on the charger, you must replace it. A new battery doesn’t come fully charged, so charge it before inserting it into the Paslode.

Why is my Paslode Impulse not firing?

Possible causes for a Paslode nail gun not firing are: A nail jam is stopping the nails from moving forward. The gas fuel cell is empty, out-of-date or not attached properly. The nailer needs cleaned – especially if it has been used a lot without regular cleaning!

How do you test a Paslode battery?

Battery Indicator Light The illustration is a close-up of the side of the Paslode Cordless Finish nailer handle. On the back side of the handle is a small plastic lens. This is the battery indicator light. When you insert a fully-charged battery into the tool, you will see a blinking green light.

How long do paslode batteries last?


Model CF325XP
Nails per Fuel Cell Up to 1,200
Fuel life 27 months (check date code on bottom of fuel cell)
Battery Life Up to 9,000 nails per charge
Warranty 2 Year Service Promise; 5 Year Limited Warranty

How long does it take for a Paslode battery to charge?

Paslode cordless battery for all Paslode cordless tools except the cordless stapler. 6 V rechargeable battery will drive up to 4000 nails per charge. New batteries are shipped discharged and must be charged and must be charged prior to first use. Batteries will take 30 minutes to 2 hours to recharge.

Do Paslode fuel cells go bad?

Paslode fuel cells have a long shelf life with the inbuilt design and metering valve system enabling the product to be stored for about 27 months.

Why is my nail gun not firing?

Jams are typically caused when nails feed incorrectly and wedge against the driver blade, preventing the tool from cycling. Jams are the most common cause of a nailer not firing. For safety, first disconnect the tool from the air supply, retract the feeder mechanism, and remove any excess fasteners from the magazine.

What does it mean when a paslode charger flashes red and green?

The red light will come on indicating that the battery is charging and the green light will go out. After charging is complete, the red light will go out and the green light will come on, indicating that the battery is fully charged. The charger will keep the battery at full charge until it is removed.

How much does a Paslode nail gun battery cost?

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Why is my battery tender blinking red and green?

If you connected the battery wrong, it will blink red then green alternating colors. This red-green blinking means you hooked up the battery “polarity” wrong.

How long do Paslode fuel cells last?

about 27 months
Paslode fuel cells have a long shelf life with the inbuilt design and metering valve system enabling the product to be stored for about 27 months.

What to do if your Paslode cordless is not firing?

if youve got battery problems and pushing the battery in usually fixes it, look at both money ends of the battery itself, after a few days of constant use they get some kind of dark residue on them and lightly sanding this off will take care of the problem. My battery was too loose too.Had to hold it in to fire sometimes.

Why does my Paslode Charger not charge the battery?

To verify whether the issue is with the charger or the outlet, connect the device to a different outlet. If the problem persists, the charger is faulty and should be replaced. In some cases, the Paslode’s battery won’t charge if the battery itself is damaged or has maximized its cycle life.

Are there any problems with the Paslode nail gun?

Paslode nail guns are extremely robust and designed to withstand tough working conditions. However, like any power tool, they can still experience issues. These are the most common Paslode problems we see.

What does the red light on my Paslode mean?

When you connect the charger to an AC outlet, the power light indicates that the device is on. When you mount the battery on the charger, the red light turns on, indicating the battery is charging.