How do you do the predator move in ac3?

How do you do the predator move in ac3?

A predator move can only be done with a rope dart. You have to climb up on a tree and go on a horizontal branch. From there just press Y/Triangle and jump away from the enemy to hang them.

How do you use the rope dart in Assassin’s Creed 3?

Ensure the “rope dart icon” (secondary weapon slot) changes from dark gray to white, indicating the target is within the weapon’s range. Hold Y (triangle) to throw the Rope Dart. After the rope hits a guard, press the Left stick away from the enemy / toward Connor. Let go of Y to let go of the rope.

How do you perform sequential kills in ac3?

In order to do that, you need to lead out a counterattack which will kill the enemy and afterwards quickly press the attack button while leaning the analog stick towards another soldier. If you see that someone’s trying to attack you, parry him to continue the combo.

What is a Jager in Assassin’s Creed 3?

Jagers. are German mercenaries hired by the British forces to reinforce the British soldiers during the Revolutionary War. While the term “Hessian” properly refers to German Soldiers from the state of Hessen-Kassel, the name became a blanket term to commonly refer to all Jagers fighting for the British.

How do you hang with rope darts in rogue?

Climb up to the higher roof, then turn right and jump to the tree. Stand out on the branch and as soon as the key holder walks under you, hit him with a rope dart. Remember you must HOLD down the button in order to hang him.

How do rope darts work?

The rope dart is a long rope (usually 3–5 metres or 10–16 feet) with a metal dart attached to one end. This was a weapon from ancient times, which allows the user to throw the dart out at a long-range target and use the rope to pull it back.

How do you use the rope dart in Black Flag PC?

Rope Darts

  1. In combat, tap to fire a Rope Dart at a target and pull them to the ground.
  2. On the ground, while standing behind an oblivious target, hold to use the Rope Dart to pull an opponent towards Kenway; when they stumble within range, he will kill them instantly.

Where is the general in ac3 sequence 2?

Firstly take care of the general. He can be found to the right of the camp entrance. He’s walking beside the stocks, nearby the stone wall. Sneak in there from the side and observe the enemy’s walking pattern.