How effective is the Lidcombe program?

How effective is the Lidcombe program?

The most significant predictor of outcome was Lidcombe Program Trainers Consortium (LPTC) training. The children of trained SLPs (n = 19), compared to the children of untrained SLPs, took 76% more sessions to complete stage 1, but achieved 54% lower %SS scores, 9 months after starting treatment.

How long does the Lidcombe program take?

Children differ in the time they take to complete the Lidcombe Program. However, on average it takes about 12 visits to the clinic to get to the point where stuttering has gone or is at an extremely low level.

Is the Lidcombe program a direct treatment?

This parent training is essential, because it is the speech-language pathologist’s responsibility to ensure that the treatment is done appropriately and is a positive experience for the child and the family. The treatment is direct. This means that it involves the parent commenting directly about the child’s speech.

What is Lidcombe therapy?

The Lidcombe Program is a widely used direct behavioural therapy for the treatment of stammering in young children. It’s designed to be done by the child’s parents under the guidance of a speech and language therapist (SLT).

How much does the Lidcombe program cost?

Cost is $440 per person.

What age is Lidcombe program?

The Lidcombe Program was developed for children younger than 6 years. Children as young as 2 years have participated in clinical trials. One clinical trial showed that the Lidcombe Program can be effective with children in age range 7–12 years.

How does Lidcombe program work?

When you cut through the jargon, the idea behind the Lidcombe Program is simple. You reward the behaviour you want (smooth, fluent speech). You punish the behaviour you don’t want (stuttering).

What is the goal of the Lidcombe program?

The Lidcombe Program is a behavioural treatment, which targets children’s stuttered speech. During the Lidcombe Program treatment children are not instructed to change their customary speech pattern in any way.

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What are fluency shaping techniques?

Fluency shaping or fluency enhancement involves techniques like deep breathing, slowed speech rate, light articulatory contact and gentle initiations. These are all strategies that facilitate more fluent speech. Fluency shaping strategies aim to help you speak with increased fluency.

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