How long does it take to go through Lake Tobias?

How long does it take to go through Lake Tobias?

How long does it take to explore Lake Tobias Wildlife Park? There’s so much to see at Lake Tobias Wildlife Park that you could come back again and again and have a new experience each time. Most visitors plan about four hours for a single visit, or slightly longer for those who also plan to picnic at the park.

How many animals does Lake Tobias have?

Fun Family Activities And Zoo Exhibits After boarding our open-top tour bus, you travel through over 150 acres of woodland and pasture habitat observing elk, buffalo, yak, and over 500 other mammals and flightless birds roaming free.

Can you feed the giraffes at Lake Tobias?

Giraffe Feeding Times: Visitors may feed the giraffes at 10:30, 1:00, and 4:00. Only food sold at the Giraffe Food Booth is permitted to feed the giraffes. You can purchase various vegetables or Acacia branches for the giraffes to enjoy.

How many acres is Lake Tobias?

150 acres
Lake Tobias Wildlife Park brings the excitement of exotic animals to adventurers of all ages. Take an open-air safari journey through our 150 acres of rolling hills, pasture and woodlands to see more than 500 mammals and flightless birds roaming free.

Does Hershey Park have animals?

Our year-round, 11-acre zoo is home to more than 200 animals & included with your one-price ​Hersheypark® ticket*.

How long is the safari ride at Lake Tobias?

around 45 minutes
Tours last around 45 minutes — long enough to see lots of animals, but not too long for the littlest members of your entourage.

How Old Is Lake Tobias?

Since its inception in 1965, the park has grown from one man’s dream to an attraction beloved by people of all ages and walks of life.

Does Lake Tobias have a sloth?

Many More Exhibits From our host of reptiles – including Burmese pythons, green tree pythons and American alligators – to favorite fuzzy friends like the two-toed sloth, De Brazza’s monkey and capybara, Lake Tobias’s expansive collection is sure to please with hours upon hours of animal entertainment.

When did Lake Tobias get giraffes?

15, 2018, 1:13 a.m. The two giraffes recently arrived at Lake Tobias Wildlife Park near Halifax will make their public debut on Saturday, Sept. 15.

Does Hershey Park have a safari?

Travel over 150 acres of rolling hills on a guided Safari Tour, where you will view herds of roaming animals and flightless birds, such as yak, buffalo, watusi, emus, and new this year – giraffe!. The Reptiles & Exotics facility will thrill you with such creatures as a tree sloth, pythons, tamarins, and tropical birds.

Is ZooAmerica part of Hershey Park?

How close is the Zoo to Hersheypark? ZooAmerica is attached to Hersheypark via a walkway bridge located in the Kissing Tower Hill℠ area of the Park. The Zoo is free when entered from this location. There is also a separate, year-round entrance to the Zoo off of Route 743.

Do Hershey Park tickets include the waterpark?

The water park features multiple water slides, lazy river, wave pool and even a water coaster! Included in your ticket, access to the water park does not cost extra and there is no separate entrance.

Where is Lake Tobias Wildlife Park in Halifax PA?

Lake Tobias Wildlife Park is located at 760 Tobias Drive in Halifax, just off Route 225 in central Pennsylvania near Fisherville. There is a Lake Tobias sign at the entrance to Tobias Road to make us easy to find.

Where is the zoo in Lake Tobias PA?

Lake Tobias Wildlife Park is a zoo located around Lake Tobias in Halifax, Pennsylvania.

Are there any family attractions at Lake Tobias?

At Lake Tobias Wildlife Park, there are plenty of options for family fun. Our self-sustaining family-owned park is committed to introducing you and your family to a wide variety of exotic and familiar animals that you can observe, touch, and even feed during your visit. Our premier attraction here at the park is our open-air safari tour.

How to contact lake Tobias Zoo Safari Tour?

We’re proud to offer guests an opportunity to witness firsthand the natural majesty of animals from six continents. For more information on our park, the safari tour, or other interactive experiences at Lake Tobias Wildlife Park, contact us online or call our office at 717-362-9126.