How much does it cost to do the Larapinta Trail?

How much does it cost to do the Larapinta Trail?

Larapinta Trail | Australia’s Premier Larapinta Trail Website. Trail Drop Offs and Pick Ups. No trail fees. Only camping fees in some places.

What is the best section of the Larapinta Trail?

The best sections by far (again not just our opinion) are Sections 4 (Standley Chasm to Birthday Waterhole) and Section 5 (Birthday Waterhole to Hugh Gorge). These sections were hard but the views from both Razorback Ridge and the campsite on Brinkley Bluff were amazing.

How many days does it take to walk the Larapinta Trail?

The Larapinta Trail, in the heart of Central Australia, runs over 230km along the spine of the West MacDonnell Ranges. This long distance walking track is divided into 12 sections that each take one or two days to walk.

How cold does it get on the Larapinta Trail?

Freezing temperatures are not uncommon on the Larapinta Trail, particularly in the months of June or July. Temperatures can drop below 0C and has been known to drop down to -7C. Frost can also occur and is not uncommon.

Is Larapinta Drive sealed?

Larapinta Drive is a designated state route in the Northern Territory of Australia. Beyond Alice Springs, Larapinta Drive is sealed as far as Hermannsburg. (Sealed as far as Namatjira drive turn off.)

How do I prepare for Larapinta Trail?

How to prepare for the Larapinta Trail

  1. Start training early.
  2. Start small and work up to your goal slowly.
  3. Work on balance, strength and agility just as much as fitness.
  4. Squeeze in gym workouts when you can’t hit the trails.
  5. Prepare to sweat.
  6. Make sure your footwear is up to the job and worn in.

How much water do I put in larapinta?

Be prepared to carry up to 6L (or more!) of water if you plan on camping at a dry campsite. It is always better to carry a little more than you think you will need than to run out of water. I used a 3L Camelbak bladder to sip on while walking and a 2L Platypus collapsible bottle to carry extra water when I needed it.

How do you train for larapinta?

How long is a walk on the Larapinta Trail?

Tracks are likely to be very rough, very steep and unmarked. Walks may be more than 20km. The Australian Hiker Difficulty Grading System is based on the australian standard for measuring trail hikes. Reduce the food. Everybody we met overpacked on the food

Where to stay on the Larapinta Trail in Australia?

The Classic Larapinta Trek in Comfort is a trip of the Great Walks of Australia. Trek the ancient landscape of the West MacDonnell Ranges. Summit Mount Sonder for a spectacular sunrise. Stay in multi award-winning, exclusive eco-campsites. Visit highlights along the trail including Ormiston Gorge and Standley Chasm.

Where is the Larapinta Trail in Alice Springs?

The Larapinta Trail is one of Australia’s finest walks, situated just out of Alice Springs and spanning 223kms across the West MacDonnell Ranges.

Is it safe to hike Larapinta at night?

While nothing in my research specifically discussed night hiking you don’t want to hike Larapinta at night, especially the gorges.