How much does it cost to go to the Cabbage Patch Hospital?

How much does it cost to go to the Cabbage Patch Hospital?

Not only that, but a visit to BabyLand General Hospital is free. Those Cabbage Patch Doll faces take many of us back to our own childhoods. Truth be told, a tour of a baby doll toy factory was not at the top of my two boys’ list of choices for a Saturday afternoon activity.

Where is the Cabbage Patch Kids Factory?

BabyLand is the place where Cabbage Patch Kids are “born.” It’s in the hometown of the Kids’ creator, Xavier Roberts, who first opened BabyLand hospital in an old medical clinic. The new BabyLand facility is vastly larger. BabyLand II occupies a 70,000-square-foot building on 650 acres of land.

How much does it cost to adopt a baby at BabyLand General?

With original adoption fees of $35 to $40, current values for some range up to $37,000! As you move through the swinging port-hole doors, you will enter our nurseries for hand-stitched Original Kids and Babies.

Where is the Cabbage Patch Museum?

BabyLand General® Hospital Beautifully situated on 650 acres in the North Georgia Mountains, this Southern Style home filled with Cabbage Patch Kids will capture the imagination of your entire family.

Are Cabbage Patch dolls still made?

In 2014 the company returned to its roots: Cabbage Patch Kids are still mass-produced, but soft-faced “Little People” returned, hand-stitched in Cleveland using the original needle molding technique.

What happened to Xavier Roberts?

Roberts a multimillionaire. Since then, he has stayed out of the spotlight: he still lives in his hometown, gardening and collecting 20th-century art, and continues to head the privately held Original Appalachian Artworks.

Are my Cabbage Patch dolls worth anything?

The original dolls sold for RRP $30 in the ’80s but today, some Cabbage Patch Dolls with birth certificates and adoption papers are fetching into the hundreds. A 1986 Cabbage Patch Doll called Anna Greta with double popcorn red hair, adoption papers and a pacifier sold for $810 on April 6 this year.

How do I know if my Cabbage Patch doll is worth anything?

There’s really no set guide to determining the value of any given Cabbage Patch Kids doll. Some of the rarest vintage CPK dolls can be worth a lot of money, while others may still sell for their initial retail price.

Where is the Cabbage Patch hospital located?

Babyland General Hospital is the “birthplace” of Cabbage Patch Kids and is located in Cleveland, Georgia. Roberts converted an old clinic into a “hospital” from which to sell his dolls, originally called “Little People”. The facility is presented as a birthing, nursery, and adoption center for the Cabbage Patch Kids.

What is the origin of Cabbage Patch dolls?

Although Coleco officially debuted Cabbage Patch Kids in 1983, the dolls actually originated in 1976 in Cleveland, Georgia, from the work of 21-year-old folk artist, Xavier Roberts . Originally designed as handmade soft sculpture dolls with carefully painted eyes and hand-stitched mouths,…

What are the names of the Cabbage Patch Kids?

Cabbage Patch Kids originally had a different name. Cabbage Patch Kids were originally named Little People, adoptable dolls with birth certificates. In 1982, their name is changed to Cabbage Patch Kids. Pictured here are two of the original ‘Kids,’ Otis Lawton (1982) and Delila Lorinda (1983).

What is a Cabbage Patch baby?

Cabbage Patch Babies (Bean Butt Babies) were introduced in 1986. Special Editions of full size kids in 1986: Astronauts, All Stars, Circus Kids, and Cornsilk Kids Preemies re-introduced in 1987. Splashin’ Kids, kids that were meant to be played with in the water and Talking Kids came to market in 1987.