Is C9 better than TSM?

Is C9 better than TSM?

C9 the favorite to win versus TSM bet, Cloud9 is favored at 1.31 against TSM’s 3.15, and this number is despite C9’s loss to Golden Guardians. That number just doesn’t fully reflect the current state of both teams. TSM has been drafting for comfort and going for off-meta compositions that it can execute to perfection.

Did C9 beat TSM?

Cloud9 won and TSM lost Friday, leaving the teams tied for first place in the League of Legends’ League Championship Series (LCS) Summer Split. Croatia’s Luka “Perkz” Perkovic paced Cloud9 with a 10-0-5 K-D-A ratio.

What time is TSM vs C9 Showmatch?

The defending split champions, Cloud9, are facing off against their historic LCS rivals, TSM on Saturday, July 11 at 2PM PT.

Did TSM make worlds?

TSM qualified for the 2016 League of Legends World Championships as North America’s first seed.

When did Voyboy play for TSM?

This TSM roster, minus Voyboy, first came together in 2013 Spring.

Why did Cloud 9 disband?

According to a pair of new reports and an official announcement, Cloud9 are leaving CSGO and disbanding their team due to “financial” and “remote training” struggles, as the organization takes a “pause” from competing in the storied esport.

Why is Cloud 9?

In September, 1896, cumulonimbus, the greatest cloud in the world, was listed as Cloud 9 in a new cloud classification, and so to be on cloud nine became like floating on the tallest cloud on Earth. The story began with Sir Ralph Abercromby, who became fascinated by meteorology while serving in the British Army.

Will Doublelift stay with TSM?

TSM’s former franchise player Doublelift has rejoined the organization as a full-time content creator and streamer. The move to content creation comes just several months after Doublelift announced his retirement from professional League of Legends shortly after TSM’s exit from the 2020 World Championship.

Will TSM make Worlds 2020?

North America’s first seed, Team SoloMid, suffered an embarrassing exit from the 2020 League of Legends World Championship. After securing the LCS Summer Split trophy and a ticket to Worlds 2020, a lot of fans had high hopes for the TSM roster.

How old is Scarra?

31 years (November 25, 1989)

William Li (born November 25, 1989), better known by his alias Scarra, is an American Twitch streamer and former professional League of Legends player. He is most well known for being the mid laner for Team Dignitas.

What rank is Voyboy?

Diamond II
Player Info

Rank Diamond II
Name Joedat Esfahani
Birthplace United States
Residency North America
Birthday December 15, 1994 (26)