Is Marvin Zindler still alive?

Is Marvin Zindler still alive?

Deceased (1921–2007)
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Who played Marvin Zindler?

Zindler a star, although, he said, he did not much care for his film portrayal by Dom DeLuise, as Melvin P. Thorpe. Eventually, Mr. Zindler earned $1 million a year as the KTRK celebrity newshound.

What happened to Marvin Zindler?

Illness and death Zindler died from the cancer at The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center in the Texas Medical Center section of Houston on July 29, 2007, two nights after what would turn out to be his final newscast.

Where is Marvin Zindler buried?

Woodlawn Funeral Home & Cemetery, Houston, Texas, United States
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Was the Chicken Ranch real?

The Chicken Ranch was an illegal brothel in the U.S. state of Texas that operated from 1905 until 1973. It was located in Fayette County, about 2.5 miles (4.0 km) east of downtown La Grange.

What is a good good weekend golf good tennis?

Quotes (1) Have a good weekend, good Golf, good Tennis, or whatever makes ya’ happy! MARVIN ZINDLER, EEEEEYEWitness News!!

Where was Marvin Zindler born?

Houston, Texas, United States
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Was Marvin Zindler married?

Niki Zindlerm. 2006
Gertrude Zindlerm. 1941
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How old was Marvin Zindler when he died?

Channel 13’s Marvin Zindler dies at 85. Channel 13 reporter Marvin Zindler poses for a portrait on May 11, 2006, at his home in Houston.

Where did Marvin Zindler go to high school?

Zindler attended Pershing Middle School and Lamar High School in Houston before graduating from San Jacinto High School in Houston. He went on to John Tarleton Agricultural College (now Tarleton State University) in Stephenville, Texas.

Where did Niki and Marvin Zindler live in Houston?

Before his death, Marvin and Niki Zindler lived in the Houston neighborhood of Maplewood, where Zindler had lived continuously for forty-eight years. They were the owners of a dog, Magic, a bichon frisé. Additionally, Zindler owned a cat, Sugar, who died in 2006.

Who was maarvin Zindler Eyewitness News on KTRK Channel 13?

Still, he signed off with a hearty “MAARVIN ZINDLER, eyewitness news” — his trademark for 34 years with KTRK Channel 13. “Marvin Zindler was unique,” said Dave Ward, the station’s longtime anchor and one of the people responsible for Zindler being on the air.