Top 3 Point of Sale Trends for Quick Service Restaurants (QSR)

Top 3 Point of Sale Trends for Quick Service Restaurants (QSR)

Quick service restaurants (QSR) are also known as fast food restaurants that serves fast food cuisine from limited menu with minimal table service. Quick service restaurants serve food cooked in bulk in advance and kept hot. Customers can choose to dine in or have the food packed to take away. Fast food restaurants usually operate as part of a fast food restaurant chain or as franchise such as Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) or McDonald.

Today, other quick service or fast food restaurants have been added to the list and catering trucks are becoming very popular with factory workers. As modern consumers are becoming more aware or conscious about the quality of the food they are consuming, quick serve or fast food restaurants are beginning to serve better and higher quality meals. These days some of the fast food served tasted just as good and tasty as the traditional dine in restaurants.

With the increasing demand for higher quality food, quick serve restaurants have no choice but to pay more for good quality products so as not to lose out to their competitors. One of the ways to maintain their profit margin is to cut down on the number of workers without compromising the smooth running of their business. This is made possible with the availability Clover Station 2018 which has helped to streamlined their sales profit and businesses.

Increasing numbers of quick service restaurants are investing in point of sale system such as the Booker POS, a software to help in the running of their business from the front counter right up to the kitchen, and also to improve their customers’ experience. Through the POS system, business owners have easy and quick access to data that were not available to them before.

With data provided by the POS system, business owners will be able to tell the number of times a customer visited their restaurant and the menu items ordered by the customer at specific times of the day. From the data, owners can decide which item from menu is popular with their customers and which items need to be taken out from the menu.

Another top point of sale trend for quick service restaurant is the mobile ordering apps which enable customers to order their food through their mobile or website. In order to maintain efficiency and uninterrupted services, restaurant owners have to improve the handling of the increased volume of sale coming through food ordering apps. For take away orders, food can be prepared, packed, and ready in the shortest of time for their customers to pick up. With the help of Merchant Account Solution, interested restaurant owners can speak with their professional sales person to come up with the right POS software suited for their type of business.

From the data generated by the POS system, restaurant owners are able to minimize waste by tracking and using up the food before their expiry dates. They are also able to forecast the exact quantities of raw food needed throughout the day to minimize daily wastage of perishable food. In this way, POS system helps owners to cut down wastage and ensure the freshness and quality of food served to their customers.