What are Ricordea corals?

What are Ricordea corals?

The Ricordea, or flower mushroom coral, is a very popular mushroom anemone (coral) among saltwater aquarium enthusiasts because they are relatively easy to keep and have some amazing coloration.

Is Ricordea coral LPS?

Like other species of mushrooms, the Ricordea Florida Coral can handle higher nitrates than SPS or LPS corals. It is not aggressive and would make good tank mates to most established coral colonies. Due to a brilliant variety of colors, the Ricordea genus are some of the most sought after mushrooms around today.

How do you care for Ricordea?

Ricordea mushrooms do not require as much light as some other corals. It can be kept under normal output fluorescents without much difficulty. In some cases, it may extend more readily under subdued lighting, however it may display more attractive colors when placed under stronger lighting.

Are Ricordea aggressive?

Tank Mates for Ricordea Coral Ricordea Corals are classified as a semi-aggressive species of corallimorph. Ricordea Corals don’t have either of these features.

Are Duncan corals easy to keep?

Green Duncan Corals are easy to keep and grow well in most reef aquariums. They are a great choice for adding a splash of color to lower flow, lower light areas of your reef aquarium.

What do I feed my mushroom coral?

Feeding & Supplements Mushroom corals will filter feed off marine algae known as zooxanthellae, phytoplankton, and waste particles in your water to get the nutrients they need. Large mushroom corals can sometimes be fed small meats such as brine shrimp as a food supplement.

Why is my Ricordea shrinking?

IMO nutrient problems cause the shrinking. Higher light is a no no unless you really take your time to acclimate them. Once you bleach em, they can take months and months to return. Low-moderate light, good flow, good params..

Are mushroom corals aggressive?

They seem to be tolerant of each other (at least mushrooms in the same genus), but can potentially be harmful to other corals. I haven’t heard of problems with mushrooms actually being aggressive, but it seems like they could hurt corals if they were allowed to touch.

Is Duncan Coral aggressive?

Reef Tank 365 Feeding: Duncans are extremely aggressive eaters with very capable tentacles. They will easily catch and consume most food types including frozen, liquid and even pellets. Take care as their feeding aggression can sometimes be taken out on neighboring corals.

How often should I feed Duncan coral?

About once per week.

Why are Ricordea mushrooms not good for corals?

Due to not having a hard skeleton like stony corals, you don’t have to be as strict with your calcium and alkalinity levels that are normally used to keep coral skeletons healthy, but that doesn’t mean you get to ignore it altogether. I came across something very interesting when it comes to how these mushrooms feed.

How do you Frag a Ricordea flower coral?

Ricordea corals, like other mushrooms, are fairly easy to frag or propagate, the same way you would frag any other mushroom coral. Fragging can be accomplished simply by cutting the animal cleanly with a razor blade to separate it into pieces. The larger the piece, the larger the newly fragged colony will be/start out.

How long does it take for Ricordea coral to settle?

The Ricordea mushroom coral pieces will “want” to attach and will settle all on their own, over a period of about 7-10 days. After that point, carefully remove the mesh (watch out, unattached pieces may float out, so go slowly), and you should see that most of the coral fragments attached to the substrate in the container.

Why are Ricordea corals considered to be photosynthetic?

Ricordea are considered to be photosynthetic corals, because of the symbiotic zooxanthellae that live within the body. This is thought to provide the coral anemone with the majority of its nutrition. During the process of photosynthesis, zooxanthellae produces oxygen and sugars, which are then used by the mushroom anemone for food.