What does Addison Lee do?

What does Addison Lee do?

Addison Lee is a London-based private hire cab and courier company….Addison Lee.

Type Private Limited Company
Services Minicab, Courier, Motorcycle taxi
Revenue £346 million (2017)
Website addisonlee.com

What three words did Addison Lee?

Addison Lee, London’s largest premium private hire business and same day courier operation now accepts what3words, so customers can say exactly where they want to be picked up or dropped off.

What is Addison Lee request?

AL REQUEST allows people to get access to everyday items, such as groceries and flowers, and even get a head start on their Christmas shopping, through a simple click and collect service.

What happened to Addison Lee?

Addison Lee Group, London’s biggest private care hire operator, has been acquired by a consortium of investors led by its former director Liam Griffin and Cheyne Capital. Addison Lee’s former owner, The Carlyle Group, reached an agreement to sell the company last month.

Is Addison Lee expensive?

Fares on Addison Lee appear to be consistently over 50% more expensive than Uber X, with the exception of when there’s a surge on Uber. Anyone who uses Uber knows that the experience is incredibly slick: open the app, tap a button, taxi turns up.

Can you pay cash with Addison Lee?

When paying for a booking by cash, credit or debit card, Apple Pay or PayPal, the customer contracts directly with the driver allocated. Addison Lee Ltd is registered in England with company number: 01205530.

How do Addison Lee drivers get paid?

Account customers pay us directly via their accounts. We’ll add this money up and pay it into your bank each week. Drivers keep 80% of the value of these journeys and pay a 20% commission to Addison Lee. For cash jobs the money is paid directly to drivers and for card jobs it is paid into your bank account each week.

How much is it to hire a driver for a day UK?

A chauffeur-driven car will cost somewhere between £50 and £130 + VAT per hour. The price varies depending on what vehicle is hired. Ranging from a Mercedes E-Class to a Rolls-Royce Phantom. Normally there is a 3 hour minimum charge applicable.

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