What is the meaning of Haliaeetus leucocephalus?

What is the meaning of Haliaeetus leucocephalus?

The Bald Eagle’s scientific name, Haliaeetus leucocephalus, means sea (hali), eagle (aeetos), white (leukos), and head (cephalos) as in the feathers on the eagle’s head. The Bald Eagle is a seabird with a white head.

What is Sitology?

The study of food, nutrition, and diet. [ From Greek sitos grain or food + logos word, discourse, or reason] From: sitology in A Dictionary of Psychology »

How do you say Haliaeetus leucocephalus?

Phonetic spelling of haliaeetus leucocephalus

  1. haliaeetus leucocephalus.
  2. expository.
  3. Hali-aee-tus leu-co-cephalus.
  4. Hali-aeetus leu-co-ceph-alus. Peter Lewis.

What does the Latin word leucocephalus mean?

Haliaeetus leucocephalus: Haliaeetus leucocephalus (Translingual) Proper noun Haliaeetus leucocephalus A taxonomic species within the genus Haliaeetus – the bald eagle or American eagle. Synonyms… There are no user-contributed notes for this entry. Add a note to the entry “leucocephalus”.

Where are the leucocephalus found in South Africa?

Leucocephalus is a genus of biarmosuchian belonging to the family Burnetiidae dating to the Wuchiapingian (Late Permian). It was found in the Tropidostoma Assemblage Zone (Tropidostoma) of the Main Karoo Basin of South Africa. It is a monotypic taxon which contains one only species, Leucocephalus wewersi.

Is the Haliaeetus leucocephalus found in Florida?

Although Haliaeetus leucocephalus is relatively rare in the Florida fossil record, it has proven useful for reconstructing the paleoenvironment during the late Pleistocene.

How tall is the snout of a leucocephalus?

The snout is notably tall and the supraorbital region contains large triangular bosses. Amongst other members of the burnetiid family, Leucocephalus has some distinct features unique to its monophyletic genus. This includes a longer and rounder than usual vomerine process which is visible in palatal view.