What is xs extension in xsd?

What is xs extension in xsd?

Element (simpleContent) Contains extensions on simpleContent. This extends a simple type or a complex type that has simple content by adding specified attribute(s), attribute group(s), or anyAttribute.

What is extension base in xsd?

The extension element extends an existing simpleType or complexType element.

What is xsi type?

The xsi:type attribute is used to indicate to the schema validator that the real type of a particular instance of an element is not the element’s declared type but rather a sub-type derived from the declared type.

What is xsi type in XML?

The prefix “xsi” is the namespace prefix used by convention for the XML Schema instance namespace. XML documents can contain elements that have an xsi:type attribute. This behavior provides an explicit data type for the element. The MRM XML parser in sensitive to xsi:type attributes in the XML document.

What is XML extension?

An XML file is an extensible markup language file, and it is used to structure data for storage and transport. In an XML file, there are both tags and text. The tags provide the structure to the data. XML is a markup language, which means it is a computer language that uses tags to describe components in a file.

What is XSI nil?

The xsi:nil attribute indicates that a certain element does not have a value or that the value is unknown. This is not the same as having a value that is zero or the empty string. Semantically, it is equivalent to SQL’s null.

What is XSI schemaLocation?

The xsi:schemaLocation attribute locates schemas for elements and attributes that are in a specified namespace. Its value is a namespace URI followed by a relative or absolute URL where the schema for that namespace can be found. It is most commonly attached to the root element but can appear further down the tree.

How is a complex type defined in XSD?

A complex type is essentially a type definition for elements that may contain attributes and elements. An element can be declared with a type attribute that refers to a complexType element that defines the structure, content, and attributes of that element. (An element can also take a reference to a simpleType in its type attribute.)

Is it possible to extend a type in XSD?

Types defined in an XSD can also be restricted (although this behaviour has no real parallel in most development languages). It is possible to take an existing and extend it. Let’s see how this may be useful with an example.

What does optional mean in XML ComplexType element?

Optional. Prevents a complex type that has a specified type of derivation from being used in place of this complex type. This value can contain #all or a list that is a subset of extension or restriction: Optional. Prevents a specified type of derivation of this complex type element.

What does it mean to extend a type in XML?

The newly introduced construct indicates that we are extending an existing type, and specifies the type itself. There is also another new construct, the element, which is just a container for the extension.