Which project is best for ECE?

Which project is best for ECE?

Robotics Based ECE projects

  • IoT Face Recognition AI Robot.
  • Object Finder Robot.
  • Hospital Sanitizing Robot.
  • Make This Joystick-Controlled Robot.
  • Colour Sensing Robot with MATLAB.
  • Arduino based Smartphone Controlled Robot Car.
  • Make Your Own Remote Controlled Robot.
  • Soccer Robot.

How do I do mini projects for ECE?

Latest Mini Projects for ECE Students

  1. Burglar Alarm System.
  2. Small Audio Amplifier.
  3. Electronic Watch Dog Project.
  4. RF-based Geo Location Guide.
  5. Auto Lap Time Measurement System.
  6. LED Interfacing with 8051 Microcontroller.
  7. PC-PC Communication using LASER.
  8. Monitoring System of Taxies.

What is ECE Project?

ECE refers to Electronics and Communication Engineering. Every engineering student should complete their project successfully in final year to get their engineering certificate. They have many choices in selecting the projects such as microcontroller based, solar, electrical, robotics, sensor based, etc.

Is ECE branch tough?

ECE is actually one of the toughest branch in engineering but it depends on you whether it is hard or easy to study. So if you are really interested in Electronics and communication then it will be easy for you to study. But if you are not interested then the harder subjects of ECE will be a nightmare to you.

What are the best mini projects for 3rd year ECE students?

ECE Mini Projects List

  • Video Calling/Recording Smartphone Stand.
  • LIDAR Micro Done With Proximity Sensing.
  • Android Micro Drone With Obstacle Detector.
  • Health Monitoring System using 7-Segment Display & Atmega Microcontroller.
  • Induction Motor Timer Using Auto Delta Star Starter.

What are some mini projects?

Mini Project Ideas For Engineers

  • Make Your Own Dual-Voltage Rechargeable Torch Light Line Follower.
  • GPS On ATmega.
  • PC Based GPS.
  • Low Power Inverter.
  • LPG Leakage Detector.
  • Geyser Timer Circuit.
  • Automatic Off Timer For CD Players.
  • Doorbell Cum Visitor Indicator.

Is IoT related to ECE?

IoT is open for CS and EC field. The scope for EC is similar but more emphasis on hardware design, use of sensors, coding for controller, gateway design and integration with cloud.

Can ECE student do AI?

Yes you can do masters in artificial intelligence . An engineering graduate in electronics and communication engineering has the full advantages any student may require to pursue a career in Artificial Intelligence.

How to prepare for VTU electronics and Communication Engineering exam?

To prepare for the VTU Electronics and Communication Engineering exam, you should know the latest ECE Syllabus and marking scheme. In the latest VTU Syllabus for Electronics and Communication Engineering, you will find the important chapters and concepts to be covered in all subjects.

What kind of Engineering is electronics and communication?

Electronics and communication engineering is the engineering domain that deals with electronically operated circuits and systems. Latest list of electronics and communication engineering projects along with project guidance and tutorials for your research and studies.

What are the question papers for VTU 2018?

Technological Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship (18ES51) 2018 Scheme VTU Question Papers Digital Communication – 15EC61 / 17EC61, ARM Micro Controller and Embedded Systems – 15EC62 / 17EC62 VLSI Design – 15EC63 / 17EC63, Computer communication Networks – 15EC64 / 17EC64

How many colleges and universities are affiliated with VTU?

More than 250 colleges are affiliated to VTU. 18EC45- 17EC45 / 15EC45 – Principles of Communication Systems (PCS VTU CBCS notes download) 15EC551 / 17EC551 – Nanoelectronics, 15EC552 / 17EC552 – Switching & Finite Automata Theory