Can I still put music on an iPod shuffle?

Can I still put music on an iPod shuffle?

Syncing Music Automatically This is the simplest way to add audio content to iPod shuffle—you just connect iPod shuffle to your computer, let it add songs, audiobooks, audio podcasts, and iTunes U collections automatically, and then disconnect it and go.

How do I get my iPod to shuffle songs?

Navigate to the main menu. Select “Settings.” Scroll to the “Shuffle” option. Select “Songs” or “Albums.” If you select “Songs,” the iPod Classic will shuffle the songs on whatever song list you listen to.

How do I restore my iPod shuffle without iTunes?

Thanx!!! is possible? Non-shuffle iPods can be reset by toggling the Hold switch and then pressing and holding both the Menu and Select (center) buttons simultaneously for at least 6 second. But this doesn’t apply to a shuffle which is “reset” by switching it off for 5 seconds and then back on again.

Why does my iPod keep repeating songs on shuffle?

A. Since the heyday of the iPod, Apple has included controls for shuffling tracks, repeating playlists and albums and looping a song. If the song-looping option is accidentally turned on, the same track will play again and again.

How to put songs on iPod [with iTunes/without iTunes]?

Create some playlists.

  • Plug in your iPod.
  • Select the content you want to sync.
  • Start syncing.
  • Sync individual songs.
  • Eject your iPod.
  • Does the iPod Shuffle need iTunes?

    Yes, the Shuffle, like every iPod, requires iTunes. No, iTunes does not run continuously on your computer, not sure where you got that. Maybe you’re confusing it with iTunes Helper, a little widget that recognizes when an iPod is connected.

    Can you download music from a PC to an iPod?

    As with other iPods, you can transfer music from your computer to an iPod Touch by using the iTunes software. You will also need to change one of the settings on the iPod Touch in order to safely sync the player with your computer. Open iTunes. Click “File” found at the top of iTunes. A menu will open.

    How do you add music to iPod?

    Transferring Music from iTunes Open iTunes on your computer. Attach your iPod to your computer. Click on the media drop-down menu. Click on Music. Click a “Library” option. Click on and drag an item onto your iPod. Drop the song(s) on your iPod. Wait for your music to finish uploading.