Definition of analytical essay

Definition of analytical essay

The analytical essay provides familiarization with the theoretical basis of the investigated object as a model of social processes. Regardless of whether the author considers someone’s work or some phenomenon, to write an analytical essay he needs to have the ability to think critically, find common and distinguish the differences of things and phenomena.

The concept of analysis involves the study of individual parts of an object. When writing an analytical essay, the author analyzes the problem chosen by him. This means studying the problem itself and identifying patterns in it. Of course, writing an analytical essay is not an easy assignment, so many students who are tasked with writing an analytical essay, resort to the online essay writing service .

Topic and object of study of analytical essay

Analytical essay – written work in which the problem is analyzed or opinion is presented which is based on a concrete fact. Object analysis can be a work of art, historical event, scientific phenomenon.

The object of analysis of an analytical essay largely determines its content. For example, in the study of any scientific work the essay will prove or disprove the validity of the analysis, its capabilities or the study of the resulting conclusions. That is why the most important and decisive stage in writing an analytical essay is the choice of the topic and object of the study.

Pondering the question about the topic for your essay, you should not choose a too broad and generalized idea, or you just won’t be able to do a brief analysis of it. It is better to narrow the topic to one question that your competence will allow you to fully disclose.


An analytical essay does not have enough volume to bring it numerous references and quotations. However, it should also contain references. If the object of the research essay is scientific work, the references should be to scientists and their work.

It is important to take into account that it is undesirable to use too long quotes in an analytical essay. Short, but meaningful statements of famous personalities will be quite appropriate.

Text of the analytical essay

An analytical essay, like any kind of academic writing, has its own structure, according to which its text is written:

    • introduction. It describes the object, the analysis of which you spend in your essay, and also expresses the main idea, which is revealed in the course of further writing the essay;
    • the main part begins with the statement of the strongest thesis, what is the confirmation of the main thesis, expressed in the introduction. After that, the study of the selected object is carried out and the substantiation of the author’s thesis is given. In this way, moving from one statement to another, the author consistently reveals the theme of the analytical essay. Abstracts should not duplicate each other in meaning and should be directed to the disclosure of the main statement;
    • on the basis of research and evidence in favour of the main thesis in the main part, this main thesis in the conclusion is described more widely and fully.

When writing an analytical essay is recommended:

    • do not use everyday speech and slang expressions;
    • do not deviate from the theme of the essay, to write specifically and clearly to avoid unnecessary information;
    • the use of expressive expressions is permissible only if it is appropriate in the context of the considered problem.