How do I contact Facebook when my account is locked?

How do I contact Facebook when my account is locked?

Back in 2013, Facebook introduced a feature called ‘Trusted Contacts’ which was specifically created to help users that get locked out of their accounts. To set this up, go to settings, then to ‘Security and Login’ and then click the edit button next to ‘Choose 3 to 5 friends to contact if you get locked out. ‘

How long does it take for Facebook to unlock your account?

Some users may find that their Facebook account is recovered relatively quickly within a few hours or days, others may find their account takes much longer, such as a few weeks or even months, and unfortunately, other users can wait indefinitely, with Facebook ultimately not unblocking an account.

Why did my Facebook account get locked?

Facebook attempts to keep on top of scams and community standards violations, so if your account has been locked for security reasons, something about your account or activity has caught the attention of Facebook staff or its automated systems.

How long is a temporary comment block on Facebook?

Blocks are temporary and can last a few hours or a few days. To keep from getting blocked again, please slow down or stop this behavior.

How can I recover my Facebook account without confirming my identity?

If you don’t have access to your email or password, you may be able to get back into your Facebook account by answering a security question, using an alternate email address listed on your account or getting help from friends.

How do I reach a live person at Facebook?

Call 650-543-4800 and press “2” for law enforcement, “3” for business development and advertising, “4” for marketing, “5” for press/editorial issues, “6” for employee verification or “7” to a leave a message about an issue relating to a none technical issue.

Why does my Facebook say temporarily blocked?

According to Facebook’s support page, they may temporarily block people when: Something the person posted or shared seems suspicious or abusive to Facebook’s security systems. The person’s messages or friend requests were marked unwelcome. The person did something that doesn’t follow Facebook’s Community Standards.

What happens if you get locked out of Facebook?

If you were recently locked out, due to a technical glitch, user error or compromised account, then you can use Facebook’s automated compromised reporting tool. In most cases, you’ll regain access to your account within a few minutes.

Why do I keep getting locked out of Facebook?

It is possible to get hacked or click on a virus that locks you out of your Facebook account. The social network uses preventive security measures to stop malicious software or hackers from harming the site. Sometimes these countermeasures are too sensitive and cause everyday users to get locked out.

How do you get old Facebook back?

Follow these Steps to get OLD FB Back: Log into your Facebook Account. Click on “Account” (Top Right), Click on “Account Settings”, and under “Deactivate Account” click “deactivate”. After your account has been deactivated. Log back in after 10 minutes, and you should have the old Facebook.

What do I do to recover my locked Facebook account?

You need to reach Facebook about your problem by its “facebook security check preventing login” page.

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