How do I enable Wake-on-LAN on my Dell?

How do I enable Wake-on-LAN on my Dell?

To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Restart the System and press the F2 key multiple times.
  2. In the computer BIOS, go to Power Management and Wake on LAN/WLAN.
  3. Activate the Option that you want to use.
  4. Go to Deep Sleep Control and disable the Option.
  5. Click Apply and Exit the BIOS.

How do I enable Wake-on-LAN in BIOS?

To enable Wake-on-LAN in the BIOS:

  1. Press F2 during boot to enter BIOS Setup.
  2. Go to the Power menu.
  3. Set Wake-on-LAN to Power On.
  4. Press F10 to save and exit the BIOS Setup.

Why Wake-on-LAN is not working?

WOL does not work when the system is running on battery. If there is no link light, then there is no way for the NIC to receive the magic packet to wake the system. Ensure that WOL is enabled in the BIOS under Power Management settings. Ensure that Deep Sleep is disabled in the BIOS (not applicable to all systems).

What is the command to Wake-on-LAN?

Command line

Command Description
-r reboot
-w wakeup, requires -m, -g, -mac, or -all
use -mac and -agent to explicitly send WOL packet to specific IP
-l listen for WOL packets

Does Wake-on-LAN work on laptops?

Wake on Wireless LAN (WoWLAN) Most laptops do not support Wake-on-LAN for Wi-Fi, officially called Wake on Wireless LAN, or WoWLAN. The ones that do need to have BIOS support for Wake-on-LAN and need to use Intel Centrino Process Technology or newer.

Can Wake-on-LAN turn on a computer?

Wake-on-LAN allows you to turn your computer on using its network connection, so you can start it up from anywhere in the house with the tap of a button. For example, I often use Chrome Remote Desktop to access my workstation upstairs.

Does Windows 10 support Wake LAN?

With Wake-On-LAN (or WoL or WoWLAN for Wake-On-Wireless LAN), you can turn on your Windows 10 computer remotely as long as it connected to a local area network via cable or a wireless network.

Does Wake-on-LAN ever work?

So the whole point of WoL is to turn your computer on remotely using the network. Obviously if your computer were actually completely off, then there’s no way this can work, so when modern computers are turned “off”, the ethernet card actually remains on, in a (hopefully) low power state, listening for WoL packets.

How do I know if Wake-on-LAN is enabled?

Open up your System Preferences and choose Energy Saver. You should see “Wake for Network Access” or something similar. This enables Wake-on-LAN.