How do you cite a definition from a book?

How do you cite a definition from a book?

APA Citation Enclose the author’s last name, a comma, the textbook’s publication year, a comma, “p.” and the page number from which the definition was taken in parentheses immediately following any direct quote or at the the end of a passage you have paraphrased.

What are the 10 causes of water pollution?

Various Causes of Water PollutionIndustrial Waste. Sewage and Wastewater. Mining Activities. Marine Dumping. Accidental Oil Leakage. The burning of fossil fuels. Chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Leakage From Sewer Lines.

What is the biggest cause of pollution?

Fossil-Fuel Emissions: The combustion of fossil fuels like coal, petroleum and other factory combustibles is a major cause of air pollution. These are generally used in power plants, manufacturing facilities (factories) and waste incinerators, as well as furnaces and other types of fuel-burning heating devices.

What is the biggest contributor to air pollution?

Human activities that are major sources of outdoor air pollution, include:Fuel combustion from motor vehicles (e.g. cars and heavy duty vehicles)Heat and power generation (e.g. oil and coal power plants and boilers)Industrial facilities (e.g. manufacturing factories, mines, and oil refineries)

How can we prevent air pollution from cars?

Burn fuel cleanerKeep your vehicle well-tuned and tires inflated properly to reduce exhaust emissions.Combine errands into one trip — cars pollute less when they are warmed up.Avoid idling — idling exhaust contains more pollutants than running exhaust.

Why should we prevent air pollution?

Reducing pollutants in the air is important for human health and the environment. Poor air quality has harmful effects on human health, particularly the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Pollutants can also damage plants and buildings, and smoke or haze can reduce visibility.

Which of these buildings is most likely to have indoor air pollution?

ANSWER: A tightly sealed house with an unvented water heater is likely to get indoor air pollution.