How do you cite an article with a long title?

How do you cite an article with a long title?

When an in-text citation refers to a work with a long title, a shortened phrase from the title should be used. Care should be taken to shorten the title in such a way that it does not compromise the reader’s ability to locate the source on the Works Cited list.

Why do you have to capture your reader’s attention?

Getting the attention of your reader is the reason you have a blog or website. It is the most important part of online marketing. It doesn’t matter if you write as good as Shakespeare or it is very inspiring that it could shake worlds. If you do not catch their attention, you’re better off not writing anything at all.

How do you steal attention?

We’ve summarized the seven triggers you can use to grab anyone’s attention.Automaticity: Activate the senses. Framing: Contextualize your argument to appeal to your audience. Disruption: Break expectations. Reward: Create desire. Reputation: Establish credibility. Mystery: Leave things incomplete.