How do you do research while in med school?

How do you do research while in med school?

How to find research opportunities (while in medical school)Invest time upfront to understand the different types of research available.If time is an issue, look into clinical, retrospective, and epidemiological studies on campus.Talk to the principal investigator you want to work with and be clear about your time commitment and intentions.

Where do medical students publish?

In addition to these, your school may have its own student-run publication.The American Medical Student Research Journal. Einstein Journal of Biology and Medicine (EJBM) Harvard Public Health Review. International Journal of Medical Students. Student BMJ. The Student Doctor Network. The American Journal of Medical Quality.

How can I improve myself as a medical student?

7 Habits of Highly Successful Medical StudentsBravo!! Habit 1: Habit 2: Look Beyond Books. Habit 3: Give Back. Habit 4: Be Adventurous.Habit 5: Work on Amplifying Your Strengths & Converting Weak Points into Strengths.Habit 6: Look for Mentors & Stick with Them.Habit 7: Take Time for Yourself.