How do you structure a history report?

How do you structure a history report?

The introduction should have an overview of the general event(s) and go from general to specific. The introduction should end with the thesis statement. The thesis statement is the purpose of the report; what the author is trying to prove or explain. Even a research paper will have a thesis.

How do you start a history report?

Making Sure your History Paper has SubstanceGet off to a good start. Avoid pretentious, vapid beginnings. State a clear thesis. Be sure to analyze. Use evidence critically. Be precise. Watch the chronology. Cite sources carefully. Use primary sources.

How do you start the main body of a report?

The body of the report shows what was done, how it was done, what the results were, and what conclusions and recommendations can be drawn.Introduction. Summary or background. Methods/procedures. Results. Discussion of results. Conclusions. Recommendations.

What are the microsystem in Chapter 1?

CHAPTER INTRODUCTION Microsystems and the technologies they constitute are the building blocks of information technology. These systems require a set of fundamental technologies that include not only microelectronics but also photonics, MEMS, RF and wireless. In other words, they have to be system-packaged.