How to compose a strong thesis statement?

How to compose a strong thesis statement?

A great deal of students has issues with writing, particularly writing essays, that’s why not a few young people have recourse to essay writer services  to save time and to get quite good results without any efforts. But the thing is that you will not learn to write well this way. If you want to learn to do something well, you need to practice. So what to begin with?

The first thing that comes to mind is a structure. Any school essay consists of several necessary paragraphs: introduction, the body and conclusion. But besides that, there is something else. A thesis statement also plays an important role in writing essays and helps to hook a reader.

What is it?

This horrifying word means a sentence in the introduction paragraph (or a couple of them) that reflects the main point of your paper. This sentence should submit your idea and opinion on a certain subject. It also should tell the content of your essay and catch the reader’s attention, and this is exactly why your thesis statement needs to be strong.

Where better to place a thesis statement?

As already mentioned, a thesis statement is put in the introduction, but where exactly? Ideally put it at the closing of the introduction, so that it brings the reader into the body paragraph. It is a good idea since the reader will remember the purpose of the essay while reading the main points in the body.

Don’t make it too long

If you think that the more you say, the better, you are wrong: it doesn’t work like that. Sometimes brevity is the soul of wit, but at the same time at other times you need to be more specific. Anyway, beating around the bush will not definitely help, so one or two informative sentences will be enough.

The thesis statement needs to be easily understood

The reader needs to understand what you are writing about and what you stand for, that’s why the thesis statement should be understandable enough. For this reason, avoid vague words and disconnected statements and use specific ones. The best thing to do is to focus on just one thing and then elaborate on it.ore understandable

A piece of advice to make your thesis statement more understandable:

  • If you are not writing a scientific or technical article, don’t use too much terminology. Use specific terms only in case you are sure that the reader is familiar with it.
  • Use definite words and avoid abstract ones, such as “community” or “worth’
  • Define clearly the used specific terms, if necessary. It follows that you need to know well the subject and the terms to be able to explain it.

Make sure that your opinion on the subject is reflected in the thesis statement

Apart from announcing the topic, a thesis statement should also be indicative of your further discourse and analysis. It is actually better to think about what you are going to write in your essay in advance.

Some more tips:

  • Instead of simply declaring the topic, tell your reader why you are writing namely about this matter. In this case, the reader will know what to expect from your essay.
  • Don’t write simple and too obvious conclusions that are inappropriate to complex issues.
  • While making a judgment call, be ready to successfully argue in favour of it. When you are writing a thesis statement, ask yourself such questions as “why?” and “so what?” This might help you a lot.
  • You should not limit yourself to simply establishing a well-known fact. By all means, add your own words and ideas, otherwise, the statement will not be worth reading at all.

Don’t expect everything to be great at the first time

If you are not a true master of words, you will unlikely to write a strong thesis from the first try. Don’t be upset: this happens very often. To get a truly strong statement, you need to revise and rewrite it if necessary. And don’t forget to compare the previous version with the revised one to see the result.

A thesis statement t and the essay must perfectly fit together

If you are reading the thesis statement and then the essay, the text should seem like a single whole. If it doesn’t, there’s the problem. In such a case don’t hesitate to rewrite a statement since it must reflect your further thoughts in the essay. That is also why you should not forget to revise the writing.