How to define a set in AMPL?

How to define a set in AMPL?

An AMPL model can also define its own ordering for any set of numbers or strings, by adding the keyword ordered or circular to the set’s declaration. The order in which you give the set’s members, in either the model or the data, is then the order in which AMPL works with them.

What are parameters in AMPL?

In AMPL a single named numerical value is called a parameter. Although some parameters are defined as individual scalar values, most occur in vectors or matrices or other collections of numerical values indexed over sets.

What is integrality constraint?

The integrality constraints allow MIP models to capture the discrete nature of some decisions. For example, a variable whose values are restricted to 0 or 1, called a binary variable, can be used to decide whether or not some action is taken, such as building a warehouse or purchasing a new machine.

What is a constraint variable?

A variable constraint is a bound put on the possible values of a variable in an equation, function, or application.

Which keyword do you use to declare enumeration?

The keyword ‘enum’ is used to declare new enumeration types in C and C++.

How do I stop AMPL?

The “break” signal (Ctrl-C for many computers) stops the solver and returns control to AMPL, but does not necessarily return any solution from the solver.

How do I run an AMPL program?

To run immediately: Open a command window, use “cd” to go to your AMPL directory, and type “ampl” at the system prompt. Then you will see an “ampl:” prompt and can proceed to type AMPL commands.

What does a set prod mean in AMPL?

set PROD; to indicate that a certain set will be referred to by the name PRODin the rest of the model. A name may be any sequence of letters, numerals, and underscore (_) characters that is not a legal number. A few names have special meanings in AMPL

Do you have to use quotes in AMPL model?

AMPL model must be delimited by quotes, either single (’A&P’) or double (“Bell+Howell”). In all contexts, upper case and lower case letters are distinct, so that for example “fish”, “Fish”, and “FISH”represent different set members. The declaration of a set need only contain the keywordsetand a name. For exam- ple, a model may declare set PROD;

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