Is Arizona DMV taking walk ins?

Is Arizona DMV taking walk ins?

PHOENIX – The Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division reminds customers that all MVD office visits require an appointment. Only services that have to be done in person are available. This does not apply to Authorized Third Party providers.

Can I get my AZ drivers license online?

You can apply at your local MVD office or authorized third-party driver license provider. Do it online. The information from your online application will be electronically transmitted and stored for use when you visit an office. Otherwise, you can fill out form 40-5122.

How do I contact the Arizona DMV?

Call volume is very high to the statewide MVD customer service hotline at 602.255. 0072, where customers needing to conduct essential transactions can make office appointments, in part because customers are trying to schedule visits for services that don’t require them.

Can you make an appointment to renew your driver’s license in Arizona?

If your Arizona Driver License is due for renewal, you can renew online in most cases. If an office visit is required to renew your driver license, you can schedule an appointment at or visit an Authorized Third Party driver license location.

How long do you have to live in Arizona to be considered a resident?

nine months
Documents required to prove residency include proof of employment or an Arizona state income tax return. And the Arizona Department of Revenue considers a person who lives in Arizona for nine months of a taxable year to be a resident.

How do I check my drivers license status in Arizona?

Driver license holders with a past or current suspension: MVD is working with law enforcement to ensure your status is up to date in the new computer system. Please activate your account at to verify your license status. Questions? Contact us at:

How do you check if my license is suspended Arizona?

You can check your driver license status online at (link is external).

  1. Revocation and Suspension.
  2. Fees.
  3. Future Financial Responsibility.
  4. Restricted Driver Permits.

How do I email the Arizona DMV?

If you would like to receive a response from ADOT, please ensure that you have added “[email protected]” to your list of trusted senders. Emails sent to ADOT are a matter of public record subject to release, if requested.

What documents do I need to renew my driver’s license in Arizona?

What documents do I need to bring for license renewal?

  1. One SSN document — must include your name and social security number (social security card, W-2 form, 1099, etc.)
  2. (Non-citizens) Two proofs of residency — must include your name and current AZ address (credit card, utility bill, insurance policy, etc.)

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