Is Martin OM 21 a good guitar?

Is Martin OM 21 a good guitar?

Although it’s the least expensive guitar in this review, the OM-21 represents a solid, thoroughly professional choice for any guitarist. SPECS: Solid Sitka spruce top. Solid Indian rosewood back and sides. Select hardwood neck with dovetail joint.

What is the difference between a Martin OM 21 and OM 28?

The major differences include: Higher grade rosewood and spruce for Style 28. 28 gets herringbone purfling around the edge of the top, 21 has no top inlay around the edge at all (which may decrease a top’s flexibility and resulting resonance.)

What is the difference between a Martin 000 and an OM?

A: The Martin Auditorium body designated 000 shares the same 15″ body as the OM (Orchestra Model). The main difference is neck width and scale length — the OM has a longer scale, wider neck for fingerstyle playing. Players who like a bright treble response and a smaller, more comfortable body prefer the 000.

Are Taylor guitars better than Martin?

Taylors are generally known for having a very bright yet rich sound, with more clarity but perhaps less body than a Martin. The company is also praised for guitar-to-guitar consistency and build quality.

What is the best OM guitar?

Seven Great Orchestra Model Guitars

  • Breedlove Master Class Atlantic Review.
  • Bourgeois Custom Soloist Review.
  • Collings Pete Huttlinger Signature OM 1 Review.
  • Huss and Dalton TOM-R Review.
  • Martin OM-21 Review.
  • Santa Cruz OM Review.
  • Takamine TF77-PT Review.

Are there fake Martin Guitars?

Counterfeit guitars typically make use of cheaper laminate wood. If they differ, it means the wood is a laminate, not solid. With our counterfeit Martin D-45, the back and sides of the guitar are laminated, telling us that it is not authentic.

What is the most popular Martin guitar?

The D-28 is the classic Martin guitar. Revered by musicians the world over, it is one of the go-to instruments for the world’s most talented guitarists. The guitar has the classic dreadnought good looks and it is quite apparent that the quality of build is very high.

Are Taylor Guitars worth the money?

4. They’re totally worth the extra investment. Although there are a few budget friendly options within the Taylor guitar range, we would definitely put Taylor in the “higher tier” bracket of guitars.

Are Mexican made Martin Guitars good?

They are nice guitars. While there are solid wood options in that price range, I have felt these sound as good as the solid wood guitars (in the same price range). And, the nice thing about HPL is the low maintenance.

What are the features of the Martin Om 21?

Though somewhat plain and unassuming, the OM-21 had two important features that fingerstyle players had demanded; the wider 44.45mm (1.75-inch) nut width and scalloped top bracing. Despite being a rosewood-bodied model, the lack of expensive decorative features kept the price of the OM-21 below that of a D-18.

What’s the difference between the old OM 21 and the new OM 28?

The new OM-21, like yours, has a fuller body down inside the voice and a darker, thicker bottom end compared to the old OM-21, so it is much more like the OM-28V and the old OM-28 (retired in 1994.) And other than cosmetically better looking wood, there will likely not be much difference in the tone of the new OM-28 compared to your current OM-21.

Is the Martin om-21 a good acoustic guitar?

Martin’s position in the acoustic world is built on the success and longevity of its core models, which are industry standards in every respect. The OM-21 certainly falls into that category, but perhaps none more so than the classic D-18.

What’s the difference between a Martin guitar and an Om?

In 1990, Martin finally introduces the modern OM into their main catalog. The guitar has the same body size as the 000, but it has a long-scale, 1-3/4″ neck with compatible string spacing, rather than a short-scale, 1-11/16″ neck. OMs continue to have scalloped 1/4″ bracing, while 000s have straight 5/16″ bracing.