Is Plos One a good journal?

Is Plos One a good journal?

Plosone Journal is Good, The Articles published are in high quality. this journal has Fast, efficient, and economical, publishing peer-reviewed research in all areas of science and medicine.

How much does it cost to publish in PLOS ONE?

These include its high-volume, multidisciplinary PLOS ONE , which charges an APC of up to $1695. Institutions can instead pay a single annual fee to publish papers by their authors, regardless of whether they are listed as the corresponding or contributing ones, broadening the pool of papers covered by the deals.

How much does it cost to publish in Nature Communications?

The Nature Communications follows the standard “Nature” style for referencing. They charge a huge fee of $5200 (for USA) for each manuscript to be published. The fees is no joke but it’s more than worth it considering the fact that Nature is looked at as one of the ace publishers in the scientific research community.

Is scientific reports a bad Journal?

Closed last month. The Journal “Scientific Reports”, published by the Nature publishing group, is gaining popularity with time (impact factor now around 5.2). Many researchers know that some well-regarded specialist journals might have relatively low impact factor, but their reputation is still top-ranked.

Why are science journals so expensive?

They are expensive because: Price-insensitive institutions are the primary subscribers (must-have is more important than cost.) Many are linked to membership organizations (free for members – outrageous for everyone else = new profit center.) They may have to pay their CMS vendors a big cut for online content.