Is Reema Sen married?

Is Reema Sen married?

Shiv Karan Singhm. 2012
Reema Sen/Spouse

Who is the husband of Reema Sen?

Reema Sen/Husband

Reema Sen married businessman Shiv Karan Singh in 2012. She gave birth to their son, Rudraveer, on 22 February 2013.

Who is Rimi Sen parents?

Raja Sen
Papiya Sen
Rimi Sen/Parents

How old is Reema Sen?

39 years (October 29, 1981)
Reema Sen/Age

Where is Riya Sen now?

Riya Sen was a teenager when she featured in Falguni Pathak’s video. She won many hearts with her charming smile and innocent looks. The actress has worked in a slew of Bengali and Hindi films over the years. Riya Sen, who hasn’t had a film release since 2017, is currently holidaying in Goa.

Who is Moon Moon Sen daughter?

Raima Sen
Riya Sen
Moon Moon Sen/Daughters

Who is the father of Riya Sen?

Bharat Dev Varma
Riya Sen/Fathers

Who is the daughter of munmun Sen?

Who is Subha Mitra?

Rimi Sen’s real name is Subhamitra Sen. She was born in Calcutta, West Bengal. Rimi completed her graduation in Commerce from the University of Calcutta.

Is Raima Sen single?

Raima Sen is single these days. But she seems to have a good amount of knowledge on today’s relationships. Basking in the glory of an off- beat film, The Japanese Wife , Raima is trying to unwind the mystery of relationships. “Everyone, especially couples, is busy working nowadays.

Does Riya Sen have kids?

Riya Sen (Actress) Age, Boyfriend, Husband, Family, Biography & More

Husband/Spouse Shivam Tewari
Children None
Parents Father- Bharat Dev Varma Mother- Moon Moon Sen (Actress, Politician)

Is Suchitra Sen dead?

Deceased (1931–2014)
Suchitra Sen/Living or Deceased

What kind of actress is Raima Sen from?

Raima Sen (born Raima Dev Varma on 7 November 1978) is an Indian film actress who primarily works in Bengali and Hindi Film industry.

Who is Rimi Sen and what did she do?

Contentious material about living persons that is unsourced or poorly sourced must be removed immediately, especially if potentially libelous or harmful. Rimi Sen (born 21 September 1981) is an Indian former actress and film producer who has appeared in Bollywood, Telugu and Bengali films. Sen debuted as child actress in the Bengali film Damu.

What kind of movies does Reema Sen appear in?

Reema Sen (born 29 October 1981) is an Indian actress and model who primarily appeared in Tamil films while appearing in a just few Telugu and Hindi films.

Who is the actress with the first name Reema?

Not to be confused with Raima Sen, Rii Sen, Rimi Sen, Riya Sen, or Reema. Reema Sen (born 29 October 1981) is an Indian actress and model who primarily appeared in Bengali Theatre Films, Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi films. Reema Sen was born in Kolkata on 29 October 1981.