Should table titles be italicized?

Should table titles be italicized?

Italicize the table title. Do not italicize the table number. Standard abbreviations and symbols, such as % or no. If the table is from another source, include a note below the table specifying whether it is from another source or adapted from another source.

What is legend in a table?

Legends identify the different groups of data on the graph. Tables include statistical information for the graph variables. For example, the following probability plot has both a legend and a table. Legend. The legend identifies the visual elements used to distinguish different groups of data on the graph.

What’s a legend?

A legend is a genre of folklore that consists of a narrative featuring human actions perceived or believed both by teller and listeners to have taken place within human history. Narratives in this genre may demonstrate human values, and possess certain qualities that give the tale verisimilitude.

What does it mean if a girl calls you a legend?

‘You’re a legend.’ means that someone is ‘cool’ or ‘amazing’. Someone may say this if you have impressed them or have done something good. It’s similar to: “You’re amazing!”

What makes a man a legend?

A legend is someone who leaves behind an unforgettable impression on others. They touch lives, they’re remembered, they’re cherished. There are all sorts of legends in this world – famous or not. Becoming one means finding your particular role, your calling, following it, and touching others around you.

How do I become a living legend?

What are five things that make you a living legend?You have stories coming down from the past. You have a body of legendary stories. You can be a popular myth of recent origin. You are a person who inspire legends. You have been and will be the subject of various legends.