Tips for the university tutors on how to implement the changes in students’ behavior to motivate them to do more coursework

Tips for the university tutors on how to implement the changes in students’ behavior to motivate them to do more coursework

Those people who went through the whole process of working on the scientific texts know that sometimes the difficulties lay not in the task itself. It is the amount of work that you get that might be making it extremely difficult to complete everything. Therefore, the students who face a situation where they have to do tons of work almost give up on the college, as they feel like they are not studying something that they like. Well, that is not because of the tasks. That is only due to the fact the teachers give too much homework. And as soon as the coursework comes into the play, people start thinking that it is impossible to write the whole thing at the given time. Therefore, some of them out to get a worse grade than the maximum, but still, they feel like they are achieving a high enough grade. However, the schools average goes down a lot because of that. Due to that fact, the university tutors get the task to somehow make the students do more of the coursework. This article is going to talk about some of the ways to do so.

  1. Make it more interesting

We all know that doing the homework is something that you cannot like. There are tons of problems with it and people just get lost in tons of the tasks that make no sense to them. That is why some of the professors try to make the students’ lives better by allowing them to get the easier tasks. However, others just try to make the students complete as much homework as they can. In return, the students are simply not able to cope with tons of homework. Moreover, often it is so boring to do that they just need to spend hours thinking of some ways to complete the task. To make this easier, the teachers need to apply some new ways of solving the problems. For example, sometimes the group projects are quite hard to do, as some of the members do not participate. Therefore, you need to be able to pick your mate from the class and work on everything with them. Also, you should be able to skip some of the tasks that seem to be the least interesting. For that, the teachers need to implement a vote where the students pick which parts of the task they do not like so that the teacher would work on that.

  1. Make the task smaller

One of the ways to make something easier is to make the tasks faster to do. That is the fact that people prefer to do easier tasks. However, that is something that the tutors are not able to do, as sometimes the teachers need to put in a specific level of difficulty to test out the students. Yet, there is a great way to trick the students. Most of them just define the level of difficulty by the amount of work that you have to put into it. Therefore, if the tutors are able to make the coursework smaller, yet harder the students would still feel like those tasks are quite easy to do. However, some kids will still use best coursework writing service to make their life easier.

  1. Make the students feel like they do something useful

Everybody knows that the students who do their tasks feel like they are doing something useless. However, if the tutors were able to make it look like the task is for a company hiring students the kids would surely put as much effort into it as possible. Therefore, creating a situation where the students would feel like they are treated in a professional way will surely increase the rate at which the students are working. However, sometimes that might cause some problems, like cheating or copying among the students.