What are impacts?

What are impacts?

Impacts are the broader changes that occur within the community, organization, society, or environment as a result of program outcomes.

How do you show impact?

10 Ways to Show Your Impact: Part 1Be as clear as possible in describing your vision, mission and strategies. Describe what differentiates you. Describe and show evidence of the value you create from the perspective of all your stakeholders. Tell your story and the stories of those you work with. Create a map of how you are influencing change.

How do you talk about impact?

The key things to remember are:Focus. Talk about a small number of outcomes that are in your wheelhouse. Listen. Show that you know and use local research on social issues. Share. Show that you are committed to ongoing feedback. Engage. Seek out opportunities to talk about impact and to understand it in more depth.

How can you positively impact your community?

Ideas for how to serve your communities:Clean up a park or beach. Leave your exchange home more beautiful than it was before you left. Plant trees. Volunteer at a library. Serve food to those in need. Bring awareness to a social or environmental cause that you care about. Tutor someone in English.