What are the role of English language in Nigeria?

What are the role of English language in Nigeria?

In Nigerian schools, English is used to impart knowledge in pupils and students alike, from nursery to tertiary institution. Since English is the official language in Nigeria, it is therefore used as a medium of learning, as well as, used as a medium of teaching in schools across Nigeria.

What is the role of English in education?

English language plays an essential role in our lives as it helps in communication. It is the main language for studying any subject all over the world. English is important for students as it broadens their minds, develops emotional skills, improve the quality of life by providing job opportunities.

What are the roles of English language in national development?

English is also proven to be a vehicle for rapid national development, a means of international relations, and a tool for inter-cultural communication and understanding (Chang, 2011).

What are the 7 functions of language?

Michael Halliday (2003:80) stated a set of seven initial functions, as follows: Regulatory, Interactional, Representational, Personal, Imaginative, Instrumental and Heuristic. The Regulatory Function of language is language used to influence the behavior of others.

What is the role of English language?

The Importance of Learning English. As the third most widely spoken language in the world, English is widely spoken and taught in over 118 countries and is commonly used around the world as a trade language or diplomatic language. It is the language of science, aviation, computers, diplomacy and tourism.

What is need and importance of English language?

1. English is the Language of International Communication. Although English is not the most spoken language in the world, it is the official language in 53 countries and is spoken as a first language by around 400 million people worldwide. But that’s not all, it is also the most common second language in the world.

Why do we need English education?

There are many, many reasons why learning a new language is a good idea. It allows you to communicate with new people. It helps you to see things from a different perspective, or get a deeper understanding of another culture.

What are the roles of English?

English, being the first world language, is said to be the first global lingua franca and it is the most widely used language in the world in international trade, diplomacy, mass entertainment, international telecommunications and scientific publications as well as publishing newspapers and other books.

What are the important of English language?

What is the main function of language?

In most accounts, the primary purpose of language is to facilitate communication, in the sense of transmission of information from one person to another.

What are the roles of language?

Through language, people preserve their community’s history, customs and traditions, memory, unique modes of thinking, meaning and expression. They also use it to construct their future. Many of us take it for granted that we can conduct our lives in our home languages without any constraints or prejudice.

What are the benefits of English language?

A person also benefits from language learning by gaining increased problem-solving abilities in all of the following areas: abstract thinking skills, concept formation, creative hypothesis formulation, strengthened capacity to identify, understand and solve problems; the ability to focus on a task by filtering out …

Why do Nigerians speak English?

English is the official language in Nigeria was made so to unite the country linguistically and culturally. It is chosen to be the official language partially because people of some parts speak English because of the colonies ruled by the British which came to an end in the year 1960.

What is the official language of Nigeria?

The official language in Nigeria is English. Nigeria is blessed with a diverse community of ethnic groups that each have their own dialects, however, the major local languages in Nigeria are Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa, all spoken in given parts of the country. History.

What is language Nigerians speak?

The Yoruba language is spoken by around 18.9 million Nigerians. It is the native language of the Yoruba people, a people native to West Africa . The Yoruba language is a member of the Niger-Congo family.

What is the role of language?

The role of the language. It is through language that we communicate with the world, define our identity, express our history and culture, learn, defend our human rights and participate in all aspects of society, to name but a few.