What do saxophone mouthpiece numbers mean?

What do saxophone mouthpiece numbers mean?

The Saxophone Mouthpiece (and Clarinet Mouthpiece) Tip Size, or Tip-Opening, is the distance between the reed and mouthpiece tip. This number is usually on the side of the mouthpiece body, or on the table. The smaller the tip size the more narrow the opening; the larger the tip size the larger the opening.

How big is a tenor sax mouthpiece?

For the cone, it’s nearly the same as the cylinder so we can use the same law. tenor : Lenght = 1.40 m, Diameter = 0,1 m (around 10 cm).

Are all saxophone mouthpieces the same size?

Similar to saxophone reeds, saxophone mouthpieces have numerous options to choose from. There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution. Each person is built differently, so each person needs different equipment to be comfortable and to sound their best.

What is the difference between 4C and 5C mouthpieces?

The 4C has a moderately narrow sized tip opening for easy response and clear tone, and the 5C has a moderate sized tip opening allows for greater volume and projection and a rich tone quality.

Can you use a tenor sax mouthpiece on an alto?

I just tried my vintage tenor Ebolin on my son’s old Alto. I had to use tape on the neck cork but it plays actually pretty well. I got my tuner out and it was suprisingly pretty good up and down.

Why does my saxophone sound fuzzy?

In the most cases, this “spitty” sound is caused by a buildup of excess moisture produced by blowing hot air into your instrument. A classic way to eliminate built-up condensation from your saxophone is simply to create a tight seal around the mouthpiece and to suck all moisture out.

What pitch should a tenor sax mouthpiece play?

Similarly, the alto mouthpiece should produce a concert A5, the tenor a G5, and the baritone a D5. If any given mouthpiece is being played higher (or if the student seems to be constricting so much that no pitch comes out), that may point to too much tension in the embouchure.

What is the length of a tenor saxophone?

about 3 feet
The Tenor Saxophone is tuned to the key of B flat. It measures about 3 feet and is longer than the Alto. Generally, the Tenor has a deeper tone which makes it perfect for Jazz music. In fact, it is most commonly associated with that genre.

What is the facing on a saxophone mouthpiece?

The facing dictates how free blowing or resistant a mouthpiece is, as well as the type of response the mouthpiece gives in the upper, middle, and lower registers of the instrument.

When should I upgrade my saxophone mouthpiece?

Here are some reasons to change your Saxophone mouthpiece Some are working too hard to get a good tone (blowing way too much air and/or exhausting their embouchure) and want a mouthpiece that helps them play the entire range of the horn more efficiently.

Is alto sax easier than tenor?

The short answer—there is not that much of a difference between the alto sax and the tenor sax playing-wise. They are both equally as easy or hard for beginners to play although the alto is, arguably, a bit easier, fingering-wise.

What is the best tenor sax to buy?

The Best Tenor Saxophone – The Top 5 Reviewed Yamaha YTS-62III Saxophone. First of all, this professional-grade saxophone is perfect for the professional, or anyone about to make the leap up. Jean-Paul TS-400 Saxophone. This is a great saxophone that’s built to last and could easily stay with you from beginner up till professional. Yamaha YTS-480 Saxophone. Jupiter JTS1100SG Saxophone.

What is the best brand of tenor saxophone?

Top 6 Best Tenor Saxophones On The Market 2021 Reviews Jean Paul USA TS-400 Tenor Saxophone. The Jean Paul tenor TS-400 is a great horn with an outstanding sound. Selmer TS44 Professional Tenor Saxophone Lacquer. The Selmer TS44 is an intro pro horn and is ideal for the beginner to intermediate player. Selmer Paris Reference 54 Tenor Saxophone.

What is the length of a tenor sax?

The sizes of alto and tenor saxophones vary because of minor differences in design and construction among manufacturers. The alto is close to 25 inches long, and the tenor is roughly 28 inches long. The bell on an alto is about 4 inches in diameter, and a tenor’s bell is about 5 inches across.

Is a tenor sax A B flat instrument?

B-flat instruments. *Tenor and soprano saxophones are in the key of B-flat. This means that when you play the note C on a tenor or soprano saxophone, the note that is heard is actually a B-flat.