What do you need to know about CDOT?

What do you need to know about CDOT?

Take in the scenic drive or find information for your everyday commute. Learn about CDOT services and tools available to ease your transportation needs. All truckers need for your commercial travels is available below. Sign up for travel alerts on construction and closures in your area or along your route.

Where is the CDOT headquarters in Denver CO?

As of spring 2018, CDOT Headquarters and its Region 1 (Denver Metro area) office is at 2829 W. Howard Place, Denver 80204 . We will update this address in our titleblocks for upcoming revised sheets.

How is construction information filtered on CDOT website?

Information is filtered according to Interstate, US Highway & State Highway as well as by CDOT Regional location.

When was the latest CDOT m standard plans published?

The latest CDOT M & S Standard Plans Book was published in July 2012. and can no longer be purchased. Download the Letter to Region Transportation Directors, Region Program Engineers and Branch Heads. By using this CDOT M-Standards Plans, you must accept the terms of this disclaimer. Please view these brief instructions.

How to use CDOT Otis online transportation information system?

Create customized maps. View highway characteristics, traffic data, photos and documents. Export reports and data. View traffic counts and statistics including AADT, Truck AADT and VMT. Search for spatial and tabular data, documents, metadata and glossary terms.

How can I find out my CDOT mileage?

Download annual mileage for state highways, city and county roads, truck statistics, and VMT. Track CDOT performance and transportation expenditures. CDOT’s ArcGIS Online site – an interactive online mapping platform. Query, filter and analyze Bike and Pedestrian traffic counts.

Is the CDOT permit office still accepting applications?

This system also gives you the added bonus of tracking the status of permit applications in real time. As a registered CDOT customer you can access this new system 24 hours a day/7 days a week, at home or the office – or even from your mobile phone. The CDOT Permit office is still accepting driveway application during this difficult time.

What do regional utilities engineers do for CDOT?

Regional utilities engineers work with other CDOT employees and utility companies to identify the utilities that are located within highway project boundaries and coordinate any necessary relocation of these facilities to facilitate highway construction activities.

Where can I get a CDOT driveway permit?

This site provides CDOT permit information and applications that are available online. This content provides information about procedures, standards and permits for building access (driveways) from private property to state highways.