What does ZIF socket stand for?

What does ZIF socket stand for?

Zero Insertion Force socket
(Zero Insertion Force socket) A type of socket designed for easy insertion of pin grid array (PGA) chips. The chip is easily dropped into the socket’s holes, and a lever is pulled down to lock it in. See PGA. ZIF Socket. After insertion of the chip, the lever is pulled down and the pins are locked in.

How many pin holes are in a socket a ZIF socket *?

28-pin DIP ZIF sockets.

What is the benefit of ZIF socket?

The ZIF concept has several advantages: Minimal mating wears, since there is little or no frictional rubbing between mating contacts. High mating cycle life is easy with ZIF connectors because they have no frictional mating wear.

What chip type uses a ZIF socket?

Ball grid array sockets
Ball grid array sockets ZIF sockets can be used for ball grid array chips, particularly during development.

What does ZIF mean?

: the 2d month of the ancient Hebrew calendar corresponding to Iyar.

What is DIP socket?

In microelectronics, a dual in-line package (DIP or DIL), or dual in-line pin package (DIPP) is an electronic component package with a rectangular housing and two parallel rows of electrical connecting pins. The package may be through-hole mounted to a printed circuit board (PCB) or inserted in a socket.

How does the ZIF socket hold the CPU in place?

How does the ZIF socket hold the CPU in place? ZIF Sockets Once it is in place, you rotate a lever that locks the CPU in place. To remove the chip, you just rotate the lever the other way and lift it right out.

What type of connector requires very little force for insertion?

A ZIF is a type of connector that requires very little force for insertion.

Is ZIF a word?

No, zif is not in the scrabble dictionary.

What does SIMM stand for?

A SIMM (single in-line memory module) is a type of memory module containing random-access memory used in computers from the early 1980s to the early 2000s.