What is an LCCN permalink?

What is an LCCN permalink?

The Library of Congress is pleased to announce “LCCN Permalink” — a new persistent URL service for creating links to bibliographic records in the Library of Congress Online Catalog using the Library of Congress Control Number (LCCN). An LCCN Permalink retrieves a MARCXML-formatted bibliographic record using the Z39.

How do I find my LCCN number?

It is a two-step process:

  1. Go to Google or directly to the LCCN website.
  2. Enter: “Library of Congress book number” and click on “Search.”
  3. “Preassigned Control Number Program” will appear.
  4. Or go to
  5. Click on “Open an Account” if appropriate.

What is the LCCN of a book?

LCCN stands for Library of Congress Control Number. An LCCN is an identification number assigned by the Library of Congress for books in its cataloged collections.

How long is LCCN?

one to two weeks
Most LCCN requests are processed in one to two weeks. Publishers should submit applications well in advance of publication, however, to allow for periods of heavy work load that prolong processing time.

Do all books have a Library of Congress number?

We love the good old LoC, but a Library of Congress Catalog Control Number, or LCCN, is actually not required for every book. It’s not necessary to establish copyright, or to sell your book in the US. Some authors or publishers send their books to the Library of Congress, hoping to get it added to their collection.

Do I need an LCCN?

How do I get a Library of Congress number for a self published book?

Visit PrePub Book Link on the Library of Congress website ( to apply for your LCCN. Follow the instructions for Authors/Self-publishers using your name and information (do NOT use Morris Publishing’s name). Note: If you want a P-CIP, you must apply for a PCN first.

What is the difference between LCCN and CIP?

The LCCN is a number assigned by the Library of Congress to each and every book or other piece of media published. An LCCN is not the same as CIP or PCIP. An LCCN is a number. CIP data is a block of information that describes the entire book.

Do you need an LCCN?

What does LCCN Permalink mean in Library of Congress?

The layout may also include an LCCN Permalink that can connect a user to the Library of Congress catalog where a bibliographic record for the title can be selected and electronically sent to the user in various formats. An LCCN Permalink is a URL that remains unchanged and that when selected goes to a specific item on a web page.

How to search for a LCCN in the LC catalog?

Sample LCCN searches can be found in Search Examples help. The LC Catalog uses LCCN Permalinks to persistently identify records assigned LCCNs. These identifiers begin with followed by the LCCN. Remove spaces between the LCCN prefix and year/serial portion of the number.

When to remove hyphens from a LCCN number?

If there is a space between LCCN prefix and year/serial portion of the number, retain the space. You do not need to remove hyphens; however, if serial portion of the LCCN following hyphen is less than six digits, pad the digits with leading zeros.

Do you use quotation marks in a LCCN search?

Left-match LCCN searches cannot be combined with searches for data found in other fields of the record. Search truncation and wild cards are available. Use quotation marks in Keyword (EXPERT) searches with multiple terms. Sample LCCN searches can be found in Search Examples help.