What is the difference between Sony Memory Stick PRO Duo and Pro-HG Duo?

What is the difference between Sony Memory Stick PRO Duo and Pro-HG Duo?

The minimum guaranteed writing speed is defined in Memory Stick PRO Duo (Mark2) . This is the minimum data transfer rate for recording high quality video such as HD. On the other hand, Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo features high speed data transfer in addition to stable video recording.

What devices use Memory Stick PRO Duo?

The only cell phones that you will find that make use of Memory Stick Pro Duo cards to expand their memory are those created by Sony Ericsson. Their most common application is in the company’s Walkman line. Popular handsets that use the format include the W900, K750, W700, and P990.

Is Memory Stick PRO Duo a SD?

Compared to a standard Memory Stick, Duo is only half the weight and about a third of the size. Memory Stick PRO is the same size as a standard Memory Stick. PRO was developed for devices that required over 128MB of memory and a high-speed data transfer of 160Mbps.

Can you put a memory stick pro duo in a laptop?

Some computers, as well as other electronic devices, come equipped with card readers automatically. However, the kind of Memory Stick you have (such as a Memory Stick Pro Duo, for example) may not be directly compatible with your computer.

What is Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo?

What is a Memory Stick PRO Duo? A compact flash memory card that can expand the memory of compatible electronic devices to store more games, data, photos and more. Common devices that use this memory are cameras, phones and some handheld game consoles.

What does a Memory Stick Duo adapter do?

A simple adapter allows Memory Stick Duo to be used in devices designed to accept the original Memory Stick form factor.

What does a Memory Stick Duo Adapter do?

Do Sony cameras still use Memory Stick?

All digital cameras and camcorders announced by Sony at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show could use SD and SDHC cards as well as Memory Sticks. However, Sony did not abandon the format at this time, and indicated that it would continue development of the format for the foreseeable future.

Can you put a Memory Stick PRO Duo in a laptop?

How do I use a Memory Stick Duo?

To use the Memory Stick Duo with the VAIO computer, ensure that the dedicated Memory Stick Duo adaptor is used. Inserting the Memory Stick Duo into the Memory Stick slot (without using the adaptor) may create some problems. 2. Make sure that the Memory Stick Duo adaptor is inserted into the Memory Stick slot correctly.

Will a Memory Stick Pro Duo fit in my laptop?