What is Xtext and Xtend?

What is Xtext and Xtend?

Xtext is a textual modelling framework for development of programming languages and domain specific languages. Xtend is a JVM language that “extends” Java, being fully interoperable with it while having a much nicer syntax. It is to Java like CoffeeScript is to JavaScript.

What is an internal DSL?

An internal DSL (often called an Embedded DSL) is a DomainSpecificLanguage that is written inside an existing host language. It’s a common way of thinking in a number of programming language communities – particularly the Lisp community.

How does Xtext work?

With Xtext you define your language using a powerful grammar language. As a result you get a full infrastructure, including parser, linker, typechecker, compiler as well as editing support for Eclipse, any editor that supports the Language Server Protocol and your favorite web browser.

What is Eclipse DSL?

Xtext is an open-source software framework for developing programming languages and domain-specific languages (DSLs). Unlike standard parser generators, Xtext generates not only a parser, but also a class model for the abstract syntax tree, as well as providing a fully featured, customizable Eclipse-based IDE.

How do I install Xtext?

Install Xtext From Update Site

  1. Choose Help -> Install New Software… from the menu bar and Add….
  2. Select the Xtext SDK from the category Xtext {version} and complete the wizard by clicking the Next button until you can click Finish.
  3. After a quick download and a restart of Eclipse, Xtext is ready to use.

What is Eclipse Xtend?

Xtend is a flexible and expressive dialect of Java, which compiles into readable Java 8 compatible source code. You can use any existing Java library seamlessly. The compiled output is readable and pretty-printed, and tends to run as fast as the equivalent handwritten Java code.

Is Yaml a DSL?

YAML is a poor format for an external DSL, just as XML was.

Is DSL still used?

Most internet service providers (ISPs) are moving away from DSL and some have stopped taking new DSL customers entirely. Still, DSL provides an affordable and reliable option for millions of people and will continue to be important as the US upgrades its communication infrastructure.

What is Eclipse IDE for Java DSL developers?

Eclipse IDE for Java and DSL Developers The essential tools for Java and DSL developers, including a Java & Xtend IDE, a DSL Framework (Xtext), a Git client, XML Editor, and Maven integration.

How do I update Eclipse Xtext?

Xtext languages can be developed in Eclipse….Installation Instructions

  1. Choose Help -> Install New Software… from the menu bar and Add… .
  2. Insert one of the update site URLs above.
  3. Select the Xtext SDK from the category Xtext and complete the wizard by clicking the Next button until you can click Finish .

What is Xtend used for?

XTEND is a scientifically formulated BCAA powder drink mix (“Branched Chain Amino Acids”), trusted for years to help athletes burn fat, recover after a workout, and replenish their electrolytes.

What is Xtend file?

Xtend is a general-purpose high-level programming language for the Java Virtual Machine. It is compiled to Java code and thereby seamlessly integrates with all existing Java libraries. The language Xtend and its IDE is developed as a project at and participates in the annual Eclipse release train.

Can a Xtext language be integrated into an IDE?

Xtext languages can be integrated into different IDEs such as the Eclipse IDE, IntelliJ IDEA, VSCode, and all editors that support the Language Server Protocol. A feature-rich, well-integrated workbench is a key factor to success for a domain-specific language.

What are the features of Xtext and Xtend?

Xtend is a statically-typed-programming language built with Xtext and compiled to Java. Since it compiles to Java it integrates seamlessly with existing Java programs and vice versa. Xtend offers powerful features such as template strings, extension methods, and built-in functions such as filter, map, and reduce.

Which is an example of a Xtext DSL?

The following example shows a simplistic textual DSL created with Xtext. The Entity DSL allows the specification of real-world entities with their relevant properties in a concise and clear notation. The simple example above shows two entities from the insurance domain that have a relation between each other.

How is Xtext used to create domain specific languages?

Eclipse Xtext was built to quickly create domain-specific languages including an integrated, feature-rich editor. To be more precise: Xtext is a framework for building language workbenches for textual domain-specific languages. Let’s first have a look at the small but important word “textual”.