What kind of memory does Team Elite have?

What kind of memory does Team Elite have?

8GB DDR3 Dual Channel kit, 2x4GB modules. 1866MHz PC3-14900 Team Elite Plus Black Series memory for desktop computers. Rated CL13 (13-13-13-32), 1.5V, 240 pins with black aluminium heatsinks. Backed by Team Group’s lifetime warranty.

Is the teamgroup elite PC3-12800 compatible with JEDEC?

It reduces the heat generated by the product itself and also maintains the ambient temperature around the system. This product is fully compliant with JEDEC standards and is guaranteed to be 100% compatible with all major platforms on the market.

What’s the part number of teamgroup Elite Plus?

Overall I can say that the quality is very good and it feels like a really solid buy specially knowing that you can overclock it and get a bit more if you get a good deal. I bought a 2x4GB 2400MHz kit, which has the part number TPD4’8’G2400HC16DC01, but received a kit with the part number TPD4’4’G2400HC16BK.

How much storage space does teamgroup elite have?

With up to 64GB Kit (32GBx2) of temporary storage space, data processing speed is twice as fast. The superb performance of TEAMGROUP’s ELITE series provides you with excellent quality of stability, long-term efficiency, and low power consumption.

Great for new build and system upgrade, this Team Elite memory is an elite-class choice you and your powerhouse can count on. DDR3 1600The Team Elite TED34G1600C1101 memory is rated at 1600MHz and delivers up to 12.8GB/s bandwidth per channel.

What kind of voltage does Team Elite DDR3 1866 use?

TEAM ELITE DDR3 1866 is a 240-pin standard design, operating with a voltage of 1.5 volts to achieve both energy and electricity saving and meet environmental protection regulation. Moreover, TEAM ELITE provides various frequency and capacity selections to meet different levels of requirements of consumers in use.

Which is the best team elite DDR3 extension?

In response to the trend, TEAMGROUP Inc. provides TEAM ELITE DDR3 family, a new extension selection with excellent price/performance. The SO-DIMM product in TEAM ELITE family of TEAMGROUP Inc. is designed to comply with JEDEC international standard, selects high-quality ICs, and pass 100% strict test with excellent quality, outstanding performance.

Why is Team Elite RAM so cheap to buy?

It would seem that Team Elite sells this ram so cheap because they put a timing on it that would fit any RAM stick. So their quality control should be 100% (or nearly that). Basically, by putting such a loose timing, they have nearly no returns for DOA from timings that are too tight.