What size crash cymbals should I get?

What size crash cymbals should I get?

Crash cymbals: When struck on their edge fairly hard with a stick, crash cymbals should have a good explosive sound that’s not too long in duration. Sizes typically range from 14” to 18”, and a nice 16” is a good size for starters. A general rule is the thicker the cymbal, the higher the pitch.

What is the best sounding crash cymbal?

10 Best Crash Cymbals — 2021 DCP’s Updated Guide

  • Meinl Pure Alloy Traditional Medium Crash Cymbal.
  • Meinl Byzance Vintage Sand Medium Crash Cymbal.
  • Paiste 602 Modern Essentials Crash Cymbal.
  • Paiste Signature Full Crash Cymbal.
  • Zildjian K Custom Dark Crash Cymbal.
  • Zildjian A Thin Crash Cymbal.

Are there different sizes of crash cymbals?

Although crash cymbals range in thickness from paper-thin to very heavy, all crash cymbals have a fairly thin edge. They are typically 14 to 18 inches (36 to 46 cm) in diameter, but sizes down to 8 inches (20 cm) and up to 24 inches (61 cm) are manufactured.

Are cracked cymbals worth anything?

It’s a good sign if the edge is nice and smooth, although used cymbals could still have edge cracks. Cracks around the edge of a cymbal will mean that the cymbal is worth less, but not worthless.

Do I need 2 crash cymbals?

Crash, china, trash, all icing on the cake and you can use what you like for your style. You need at least 20 to be good at the drums but two should work. Less is more at this stage, ride and hats are really the only things you will need for now.

Are crash rides good?

Crash ride cymbals offer the best of both worlds! They have an excellent ride ping sound yet can burst to life when struck sweetly on the edge. In this guide, we’ll take a look at the best crash ride cymbals to add to your drum set. I’ve compared performance, sound, quality, and cost to give you my top recommendations.

What does cymbal stand for?


Acronym Definition
CYMBAL Color, Year, Make, Body and License (vehicle descriptions)

Can cracked cymbals be fixed?

Try To Stop The Crack: Think of this like a major surgery. You can get lucky and perform a good fix, retaining most of the acoustic signature of the cymbal and keeping it from losing its sound. However, if done improperly, trying to fix the crack can end up dramatically altering the sound of the cymbal.

How do you dispose of broken cymbals?

The Recycling Program is simple, bring your broken or unwanted cymbals (All Brands Accepted) into your local DREAM dealer and you earn one dollar for every inch of cymbal you bring in towards the purchase of a new DREAM Cymbal.

How many cymbals is too many?

Cymbals are metal things that you hit. 3 or 4 are more than enough. But they have to be cymbals with a “golden intonation,” like Billy Higgins said.

What’s the difference between a ride and a crash cymbal?

Whereas crash cymbals are typically used for accents, ride cymbals are used to play steady patterns, often in a similar manner to hi-hats. Whereas a crash has a sound that is rich and explosive, rides tend to have a shimmering, sustaining sound. The sound of a ride varies hugely depending on where it is hit.