What time of the year is whale watching in Hervey Bay?

What time of the year is whale watching in Hervey Bay?

The whale watching season in Hervey Bay runs from July – November. The whales start to arrive in July and tours begin in the middle of the month. By late October there are fewer whales in the bay and operators end whale watching on the 31st of October. However, whales can still be seen in to November.

How many whales come into Hervey Bay each season?

It is estimated at least 1,200 humpback whales come to Hervey Bay each season during their migration. Overall, it is also estimated that close to 40,000 humpbacks make their journey north each year. Not all 40,000 whales stop in at Hervey Bay, but at least 1,200 get close to Hervey Bay waters!

What whales are in Hervey Bay?

Hervey Bay is most famous for humpbacks, but they are not the only whale species that frequent our waters. Southern right whales, minke and dwarf minke whales, pilot whales, melon-headed whales, sperm whales and even orcas have all been sighted in the area on occasion.

Why do whales go to Hervey Bay?

The warm sheltered waters of Hervey Bay offer a safe haven to young whales, pregnant females and mother/calf pods before they begin their long journey to their Antarctic feeding grounds. The bay is also an important area for social interaction.

What time of year is best to go whale watching?

Spring is the best time of year to look for FIN WHALES. Fin Whales are the second largest animal in the world and come to our waters to feed on abundant fish and krill, typically arriving in waves that last for several days before subsiding.

Are there any bus services in Hervey Bay?

We currently provide urban bus services, day tours, school bus services, rail link services, charter services, and extended tours through our sister company Down Under Coach Tours. For assistance and enquiries about any of our bus and coach services, please contact our office.

How to contact Wide Bay Transit Fraser Coast?

Please call us on 4121 3719 or 4128 6411 to book. Wide Bay Transit is your local bus and coach service on the Fraser Coast. We have been proudly providing transport services to the local community since 1960.

When do whale watching boats leave Hervey Bay?

They stop and hang around giving whale watchers the best experience of any Queensland location. We have 7 whale watching boats departing Hervey Bay daily from mid July. A number of pre-made Whale Watch & Accommodation packages are available to suit any budget. Or you can contact us to organise a custom package.

When do Wide Bay Transit services return to normal?

All Wide Bay Transit services are continuing to operate as usual. There are no services on Friday 10th April (Good Friday) and only Route 705 Intercity Sunday timetable will operate on Saturday 11th, Sunday 12th & Monday 13th April. Services will return to usual timetable on Tuesday 14th April.