Where are the Hutterite colonies in Montana?

Where are the Hutterite colonies in Montana?

Hutterite people live in colonies located primarily throughout rural Montana, South Dakota and the Canadian Provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. A colony is a group of families governed by the minister who is elected.

How many Hutterite colonies are in Montana?

39 Hutterite colonies
Montana is home to more than 39 Hutterite colonies – communal farms operated by German-speaking Anabaptists who are known for their production of eggs, pork, garden produce and for their strict religious commitments.

Can you visit a Hutterite Colony?

The tour lasts for about 1.5 hours and shows the communal lifestyle of the Hutterites. The King Colony was featured on the National Geographic Channel show “American Colony, Meet the Hutterites”. Tours cost $18 for adults and $12 for children 12 and under. Handcrafted items are for sale at the end of the tour.

Are Hutterites allowed to drink alcohol?

In fact the Hutterite religion would have perished had it not been for these Lutherans. But, this groomsman was telling us that alcohol is served at all weddings & other celebrations in the Hutterite colony; and anyone over age 15 is allowed to drink.

Do Hutterites wear wedding rings?

Hutterites begin dating around 18 years of age, and in order to do so, they begin visiting other colonies. They don’t wear jewelry, so no wedding rings to signify marital status.

Is there concern about Hutterite colonies in Montana?

The recent article and study released by the University of Montana and Montana State University on the economic effects of Hutterite colonies in Montana has created great concern. This concern does not stem from any of the data presented in the article, but from the data that seems to be missing or left out.

Where do the Hutterites send their children to school?

The Hutterites do not send their children to the local public schools, yet take advantage of many of the publicly funded school programs and in some cases even operate as their own taxpayer funded “private” schools, only allowing the children to be educated through the 8 th grade.

Do you pay income tax on a Hutterite farm?

Though the Hutterite colonies do pay property tax (as all land-owning farmers do) and income tax at the corporate level, they do not pay income tax as individuals. This is because the individual members of the colony are not paid a living wage.