Who were famous pilots in ww2?

Who were famous pilots in ww2?

Flying aces

  • Erich Hartmann, highest scoring German ace.
  • Ivan Kozhedub, highest scoring Soviet and highest scoring Allied ace.
  • Mato Dukovac, the highest scoring Croatian ace.
  • Ilmari Juutilainen, top flying ace of the Finnish Air Force and the highest scoring non-German fighter pilot of all time.

What was the best fighter squadron of ww2?

303 Squadron
303 Squadron became the most successful Fighter Command unit in the Battle, shooting down 126 German machines in only 42 days. Czech Sergeant Josef Frantisek, also of ‘303’, was the top scoring pilot with 17 confirmed victories.

Who was the most successful fighter pilot of ww2?

Erich Hartmann
While serving in Germany’s Luftwaffe in World War II, Erich Hartmann flew more than 1,400 missions in the Messerschmitt Bf 109, enabling him to score an astonishing 352 kills.

Who are the two most famous flying aces of World War One?

Inglis was also brought down by ground fire but survived. Manfred von Richthofen was the most famous ace of the war. Georges Guynemer was France’s most popular ace. Rene Fonck was the highest scoring ace for France and the Allies.

Who was the greatest pilot of all time?

Top 10 All-Time Great Pilots In History

  • Amelia Earhart.
  • Baron Manfred Von Richthoven.
  • General James H.
  • Noel Wien.
  • Chesley ‘Sully’ Sullenberger.
  • General Charles E. Yeager.
  • Erich Hartmann. Like many pilots on our list, Erich Hartmann became famous as a fighter pilot during World War II.
  • Robert A. Hoover.

Who was the greatest pilot of ww1?

Manfred von Richthofen
Manfred von Richthofen (1892-1918), also known as the ‘Red Baron’, is perhaps the most famous air ace of the First World War. He was the highest-scoring ace of the war with 80 official victories.

Who was the best fighter pilot in World War 2?

Ilmari Juutilainen, top flying ace of the Finnish Air Force and the highest scoring non-German fighter pilot of all time. Ján Režňák, the highest scoring Slovak ace. Richard Bong, the highest scoring US ace. Robert S. Johnson, the first USAAF fighter pilot in the European theater to surpass Eddie Rickenbacker’s World War I score of 26 victories.

Who was the top ace in World War 2?

With 28 confirmed kills in World War II, Gabreski was the top U.S. ace in the European Theatre. More than that, he became one of seven U.S. fighter pilots to achieve ace status in two wars after combat missions in jet fighters in Korea.

Who are the best bombers of World War 2?

Top Bombers & Pilots of WW2 1 Youngest Pilot. Marty Sidener became the youngest pilot in World War II. 2 92 Missions. Johnny Johnson joined the Royal Air Force (RAF) when he was 20 years old. 3 The Forgotten Hot Stuff. 4 Memphis Belle. 5 The Medal of Honor for 666. 6 Flak Bait. 7 The Eager Beaver.

What did German pilots do in World War 2?

The German pilots also typically conducted much more combat flying than their Allied equivalents: while the western Allied air forces frequently rested their fighter pilots or rotated them out of combat zones after a certain number of missions or flying hours, German pilots were required to fly until they became casualties. [6]