Are there any mods for Prison Architect Alpha 24?

Are there any mods for Prison Architect Alpha 24?

An official demonstration mod from Introversion Software to demonstrate the new mod system released in Alpha 24. Adds a production chain to make a new room type of Vegetable Patch, train prisoners to manage it, grow vegetables and then transport those vegetables to the kitchen to be prepared. Adds new production chains to your prison.

How does the new version of Prison Architect work?

Central to the new version is the concept of Prisoner Employment, and we’ve been planning this feature for a long time. Prisoners can now perform a variety of jobs around the prison, saving you money on staff and raising money for you by selling goods manufactured by your work force.

What are the base materials for Prison Architect?

Allied P.O.W.s plan their escape from a German camp during World War II. It is your job to stop them. Contains the base materials file; to simplify other materials mods; NOTE: This mod must be the last one in the mods list or other mods changing materials.txt will not work.

Is there a way to disable analytics in prison architect?

You can disable this collection by checking the Disable Analytics option in the Game Options menu. Larger Clone tool size when running with Tools and Cheats enabled. After six years of development including over 40 monthly updates, this is the final content update for Prison Architect and the final video.

When does Prison Architect Island bound come out?

This article is timeless and should be accurate for any version of the game. Island Bound is the 2nd expansion for Prison Architect, announced on 2020-05-14 and released on June 23, 2020. This expansion will allow you to create island compounds with no access road.

How to get a helicopter in prison architect?

When a Helicopter is available for aviation (flight) to your prison you may use the Control Tower to request it. Bring in different things. This mod enables your staff to evacuate, in various groups, via wired alarms. A few more grants (22) for a better experience while playing Prison Architect. Ever wondered how to create grants of your own?

How are all grants loaded in prison architect?

All grants are loaded into the game additively (so none will be overwritten), but only the first instance of any grant will be loaded if there’s more than one with the same name. Any subsequent grants with the same name will be ignored.