Can you cycle the Arran Coastal Way?

Can you cycle the Arran Coastal Way?

The Arran Coastal Way is a circular cycling and walking route around the perimeter of the Isle of Arran on Scotland’s west coast. This easy-going trail rewards visitors with stunning views at every section of its 65-mile length and there are plenty of opportunities to deviate onto nearby attractions.

Can you walk around Isle of Arran?

T he Arran Coastal Way offers walkers a challenging and rewarding 65-mile / 105 kilometre circular route around the beautiful Isle of Arran. Packed with amazing wildlife and fabulous scenery, the route is perfect for a week long walking holiday.

How long does it take to cycle around Arran?

The circuit of Arran is 56 miles. For most of us this is a perfectly reasonable distance to complete in less than six hours. If riders want to add mileage to the route they can cycle a figure of eight of the island making use of the short but hilly “string” road that cuts the island in two.

How long does it take to walk around Isle of Arran?

Despite its modest length (105 km/65 miles), the Way will take the average walker 6-8 days to complete, because some of the terrain is challenging and in a few places the route can be impassable at high tide.

Can you walk from Brodick to Lamlash?

Walk 141 – Brodick to Lamlash via Clauchlands Point (Isle of Arran) – 12 miles. A circular walk starting and ending at Brodick ferry terminal. After a short stretch on quiet minor roads, follow the Arran Coastal Way around Clauchlands Point to Lamlash. Keep a look out for seals!

How many miles is it around the Isle of Arran?

around 56 miles
Arran’s circular coastal road is around 56 miles (90 km), making it easy to explore the highlights of the island over a couple of days. Whether you’re interested in delving into fresh local produce, exploring historic sites or spotting wildlife, Arran has something for everyone to enjoy!

Are there Munros on Arran?

Four of the Arran hills qualify as Corbetts – Scottish peaks over 2500 feet, but less than 3000 feet. (Being a hill over 3000 feet in Scotland makes you a Munro. Arran doesn’t have any Munros, but we think Corbetts are better anyway).

Is Arran good for cycling?

The Isle of Arran is a mini cycling paradise. Located just an hour’s ferry ride from the mainland, it’s a popular destination for cyclists, especially in summer. The main draws of cycling on Arran are the scenery and quiet roads.

How many miles is it around Millport?

10.25 miles
Its has been said that the distance round the island is 10.25 miles, now whether or not it is shrinking according to route planners and all tracking apps it comes in at 9.97 miles, either way when you make it round you will get a certificate from one of the 10.2 crew to say you made it round the island!

Are there any Munros on Arran?

Do you need a car on Arran?

Arran is perfect for a day or two’s adventuring – and perfectly doable without a car. Stroll off the ferry and catch the ten-minute bus to the Arran Brewery, at the start of the trail. You can also walk straight out from Brodick, where the footpath takes you past a gaggle of very friendly ducks.

Do people live on Isle of Arran?

There are pros and cons about living on the Isle of Arran. The island is a delightful place with a resident population of approximately 4,000. It has adequate amenities such as schools, supermarkets, banks, a small hospital, etc.

Is it possible to walk the Arran Coastal Way?

The Way fits neatly into a week long holiday, and the excellent bus service around the island makes it possible to walk the route in stages from many bases around the island. Arran is famed as being ‘Scotland in miniature’, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the route enjoys fabulous scenery throughout.

Where to buy Arran Coastal Way T shirts?

Arran Coastal Way Walk Completion Certificates are available at the reception of The Douglas Hotel, opposite the ferry terminal in Brodick and Coastal Way t-shirts can be bought from Arran Active Outdoor Shop on Brodick seafront.

How many people live in Lochranza Isle of Arran?

Lochranza is one of the smaller settlements on Arran at under two hundred residents in total but those numbers are boosted considerably by the number of tourists who visit it to walk across the Torr Meadhonach hills that flank it on the inland side.

Where to visit on the Isle of Arran?

The village of Lochranza on the Isle of Arran is located in an exceptionally picturesque area in the north of the island. Although it is usually visited only as a departure point for the ferry that connects the island to Claonaig on the mainland, Lochranza is also worth visiting for its own tourist attractions.