Can you put a turbo in a Mazda Miata?

Can you put a turbo in a Mazda Miata?

The small and nimble Miata may not need extra power, but a new turbo kit from BBR has captured our attention. The Mazda tuning specialist has created a Stage 1 turbocharger package for the ND-generation MX-5, promising to squeeze 248 hp and 236 lb-ft of torque from the car’s 2.0-liter engine.

How much HP can a stock 1.8 Miata handle?

A stock 94-97 1.8L in decent condition will put around 100-110 hp to the rest wheels. A small turbo at 6 psi without an inter cooler and no other changes can easily give you another 40-50 hp.

How much horsepower does a turbo add to a Miata?

The first-generation NA Miata uses a turbocharger, producing about 230 horsepower. The second-generation NB opts for a supercharger to make around 220 hp.

How much HP can a 1.6 Miata handle?

The 1.6 was build for boost and can handle 275 HP on stock internals and also if build right it can be made into a high revving na engine how ever there are not many low cost power modz that will give you more the 5-10 more hp.

What is the best year Miata?

Today, there are a host of turbocharger kits for your Miata. 1993 – The 1994 to 1997 model year cars are arguably the most desirable, with a stiffer chassis, the more powerful 1.8-liter engine, and better brakes.

How do I get more horsepower in my Miata?

The Top 5 Best-Bang-For-The-Buck Performance Upgrades For Your Miata

  1. #1. Tires. Yep, tires.
  2. #2. Air Intake. Finding additional power increases from the Miata is difficult, but not impossible.
  3. #3. Sway Bar Set.
  4. #4. Exhaust Header.

How much HP does a Stage 1 Turbo add?

According to the press release, the Stage 1 turbocharger does not require heavy engine modification or engine removal for installation. Still, the turbocharger adds an astonishing 93 horsepower and 92 lb-ft of torque for a total of 248 hp and 236 lb-ft of torque.

How do I get more power out of my Miata?

Air Intake. Finding additional power increases from the Miata is difficult, but not impossible. One of the easiest and most cost effective methods to increase power and throttle response is by installing a higher flowing, less restrictive air intake system. A bit of background information at this point is helpful.

Is supercharging a Miata worth it?

Supercharged is fun, definitely gives the miata power. It’s not a turbo though so you won’t get that SURGEEEEE that 260 ft lbs of torque would give you.

Can a Mazda Miata use a turbo system?

This turbo system is a complete bolt on kit with minimal permanent modifications to the car ( undertray & OEM air filter box must be modified). This turbo system is designed for the stock fuel system, & engine. No other modifications besides an ECU tune, and re-gapping of the OEM spark plugs are necessary to install and use this turbo system.

How does a supercharger work on a Mazda Miata?

If you want to get more power out of your zippy, Mazda Miata, your best bet is to install some form of forced induction; either a supercharger or turbocharger. Between the two, we prefer superchargers, and we’ll go into the details below. Superchargers are connected to the engine’s crankshaft, whose spinning motion in turn powers the supercharger.

Do you need wastegate bracket for Miata Turbo?

If you delete parts from this kit (such as the turbocharger), you will need to supply your own parts (such as a turbocharger). If you use your own turbo, you will need our wastegate bracket. The stock GT2554 and 2560 wastegate brackets are not compatible.

Which is the best downpipe for a Miata?

The downpipe is CNC-bent stainless steel with a lifetime warranty. The optional hard lines should outlast the car. Our exclusive formed silicone turbo hoses give the best flow with no extra failure points and light weight. The turbo is clamped on with custom Inconel studs.