Do schools still fly American flags?

Do schools still fly American flags?

The Flag Code requires that the US flag be flown on federal institutions, including public schools. It does not require you to fly the US flag and it does not forbid you from displaying a foreign flag.

Is it disrespectful to fly a damaged American flag?

Every flag-waving American’s duty is to follow the Flag Code signed by President Roosevelt in 1942, decreeing that “no disrespect” be shown to the U.S. flag. That means replacing the symbol when it becomes torn and tattered, and discarding old flags with dignity, “preferably by burning.”

Why can the Texas flag be flown as high as the U.S. flag?

A lot of Texans at a young age learn the Texas state flag is allowed to fly at the same height as the U.S. flag because we were once an independent nation, the Republic of Texas. According to the code, if the flags are on the same pole, the U.S. flag must be on top, even in the Lone Star state.

What happens if the American flag touches the ground?

The Flag Code states that the flag should not touch anything beneath it, including the ground. You are not required to destroy the flag when this happens. As long as the flag remains suitable for display, even if washing or dry-cleaning is required, you may continue to display the flag as a symbol of our great country.

Can another flag fly higher than the American flag?

No. This is an urban legend. All state flags may fly at the same height as the U.S. flag. The U.S. flag must be on its right (the viewer’s left), however.

Why was the American flag banned at Live Oak High School?

As a result of Live Oak High School’s ban on the American flag while allowing displays of the Mexican flag, the Thomas More Law Center and California attorney Bill Becker filed a federal lawsuit against the school and school officials on behalf of three of the students in June 2010.

Why are students not allowed to fly American flags?

Earlier this week, an administrator at the Virginia school reportedly told several students that they could no longer fly Old Glory on their trucks because it was potentially “offensive” and “disruptive.”

Why did California School ban US flag T-shirts?

The two students who declined to change their clothing and went home brought suit against the school district and school administrators, alleging violations of their federal and California constitutional rights to freedom of expression and their federal constitutional rights to equal protection and due process.

Where did students get told to remove American flags?

(Wikipedia) Franklin County High School students showed up in unity on Tuesday displaying American flags on their vehicles after an administrator allegedly told them to remove them. Several local residents posted photos of the caravan driving through town with Old Glory waving in the breeze.