How did Minnie Riperton pass away?

How did Minnie Riperton pass away?

Riperton recorded six albums with Rotary Connection and a half-dozen solo records before 1979. She passed away from breast cancer at 31. “The average person doesn’t know everything about her, like they would a Stevie Wonder or a Michael Jackson,” Moses Sumney says, “but they should, probably.”

Who is Minnie Riperton daughter?

Maya Rudolph
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Did Minnie Riperton have a son?

Marc Rudolph
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Who is Marc Rudolph’s father?

Richard Rudolph
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Is Minnie Riperton’s daughter?

Who is Minnie Riperton’s husband?

Richard Rudolphm. 1970–1979
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Did Maya Rudolph have kids?

Minnie Ida Anderson
Lucille AndersonJack AndersonPearl Minnie Anderson
Maya Rudolph/Children

Who are Maya Rudolph parents?

Minnie Riperton
Richard Rudolph
Maya Rudolph/Parents
Early Years and Parents Maya Rudolph was born in Gainesville, Florida, on July 27, 1972, to father Richard, a music writer and producer, and mother Minnie Riperton, a singer who hit the top of the pop charts in 1974 with “Lovin’ You.”

How many children did Minnie Riperton have with Richard Rudolph?

Minnie Riperton was married to songwriter and music producer Richard Rudolph from August 1970 until her death in July 1979. Together, they had two children; music engineer Marc Rudolph (born 1968) and Maya (born 1972). Richard Rudolph’s career as a record producer began when he and Stevie Wonder both produced Minnie’s second album, Perfect Angel.

How old was Minnie Riperton when she died?

Minnie Julia Riperton-Rudolph (November 8, 1947 – July 12, 1979), known professionally as Minnie Riperton, was an American singer-songwriter best known for her 1975 single “Lovin’ You” and her four-octave coloratura soprano.

How old is Maya Rudolph’s mother Minnie Riperton?

Each host gets their own set of bumper photos and eagle-eyed fans noticed that the shots seemed awfully familiar. In the photos, the 48-year-old actor seemingly recreated two album covers from her mother, the late Minnie Riperton.

What kind of voice did Minnie Riperton have?

Minnie Riperton was an American singer-songwriter, best known for her 1975 single ‘Lovin’ You’. She was also known for her impressive five-octave coloratura soprano range. She famously used the whistle register when singing, and has been referred to as the ‘Queen of the whistle register’.